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    Graphic Designer


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    i7 7700K
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    Search Results G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3000mhz
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW GAMING
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    Kingston v300 120gb SSD WD BLACK 2 TB
  • PSU
    EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 80+ GOLD 750W Fully Modular
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    ROG Swift PG278Q Gaming Monitor - 27" 2K WQHD (2560 x 1440), 1ms, up to 144Hz, G-SYNC™
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    Filco majestouch 2 + Vortex caps
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    Mionix Castor
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    Window 10 PRO

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  1. the sound came form behind part which is PSU . not GPU .
  2. Hi all, was having a headache problem of my PSU bzzz sound before this was using Cooler Master SILENT PRO gold 800w, frequently it has "Coil Whining" bzz sound randomly even though i've shut down my computer was thinking is the psu old enough to change . after few months saving , decided to get a new PSU which is EVGA Supernova 750 g2 , yet the problem still comes but not so frequent this time, may i know what it the problem ? or anyone facing this issue ? and how should i solve it or should i return the PSU and claim back a new unit ? below are my spec - -Intel i7 4790 -Z97 MSI Krait Edition -16GB Avexir DDR3 ram -KINGSTON 120gb SSD for Windows10 -2tb Seagate Baracudda -Nvidia Gigabyte Windforce GTX980TI EXTREME GAMING -Phanteks Enthoo PRO M -Phanteks ph-tc12dx CPU HS another thing is i place all my router and electric plug at a shelf bottom of my PC, will this matter ?
  3. not very satisfied with it , 1170 still long way to go i think ?
  4. Currently using gtx 970 , should i upgrade to 980ti / 1070 ? (BUDGET) with 1080 144hz monitor only game i play -overwatch -GTAV -Mostly fps and open world .. .
  5. Greetings . Im having annoying problem from my PSU Cooler Master Silent Pro 800W GOLD It randomly buzz quite loud when power up the system , and stop after like 5 mins.. and randomly buzz again . it happens sometime when PC in shutdown mood .. is my power supply die ing ? Please Help .
  6. Come and share , games u spend over 200 hours. mine will b DOTA 2 , Overwatch soon
  7. really ? but i damn dislike the left side extra button !
  8. Hi guys anyone can suggest a gaming mech keyboard that better than corsair k70 in terms of the layout , reliability -its ok to without RGB, wrist pad -is good if have media key -and i need some white LED -prefer cherry mx RED -no to razor -TKL is good thanks!
  9. Ok will give warframe a try will give up Metro i think and i like some casual game similar to super mario , those cute cute 1
  10. Steam Sales is still going , yet havent purchase any games yet but on my list here i got -Witcher 3 (Considering) -GTA V (Considering) -City Skylines -TRINE bundle pack -Far Cry 3 -Metro 2033 Any nice games could recommend ? is nice when the games is -massive multiplayer -good graphic -cheap as f -bang a buck -simple and straight forward games (not so complicated till fall asleep) And currently daily playing games is -overwatch -dota2 -the division -rocket league
  11. Good: Plays everything i need Bad: Too less time to spend with ):
  12. What game have you bought and bang for the buck ! and share with me your TOP 5 wishlist tq!!