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  1. JordanTheSperm

    My friend wants to know...

    Will this: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-072-ZT Fit in to This: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CA-152-NX&groupid=2362&catid=35
  2. JordanTheSperm

    My friend wants to know...

    Philosophy, on 08 Nov 2014 - 03:23 AM, said: Yes, now be honest, is your friend you? I knew this would come, but no it's actually not
  3. JordanTheSperm

    Is this being throttled?

    I've been doing speedtests since I've got my new internet and now I think i'm being throttled... http://gyazo.com/662f0a5f4c6ffbbcfb7404948eecfbca So slowww D:
  4. JordanTheSperm

    Is this being throttled?

    That's what the results are from.
  5. JordanTheSperm

    Is this being throttled?

    I don't know, don't have a clue about internet speeds and stuff just noticing it's being really slow last couple of weeks.
  6. JordanTheSperm

    Custom Gaming PC

    My Friend wants a gaming PC he has about a 500-600 GBP Budget and he would like it to run BF3/BF4 on a decent FPS. Can anyone choose parts (design a build) to suit his needs? He will need a monitor and already has the peripherals and will need it for gaming Thanks
  7. JordanTheSperm

    Custom Gaming PC

    Missed the most important part, I feel like a idiot xD -_-
  8. JordanTheSperm

    Any Good F2P Games?

    Anyone know of any good free to play games, post them below
  9. JordanTheSperm


    *My Entry*
  10. JordanTheSperm

    Whats your favorite PC game???

    I don't really have a favorite but the game I can play the longest without getting bored has to be Battlefield 3! My BattleLog: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/JordanTheSperm/
  11. JordanTheSperm

    Humble Bundle GIVEAWAY! :D

  12. JordanTheSperm

    Upgrades to my Gaming PC

    I want to upgrade my Gaming PC, I have about 100-200GBP System: http://gyazo.com/7a2480b709ba366cff9323e862f09649 Thanks
  13. JordanTheSperm

    Game Giveaway

  14. JordanTheSperm

    First game you played on your current rig?

    Minecraft just to test how much FPS I would get. The Answer Was: 500
  15. JordanTheSperm

    any sites?

    Gamefly is good
  16. Hey There! Im giving away a Humble Bundle Deep Silver Code, The code includes: Saints Row 2 | Saints Row The Third | Sacred 2 Gold | Risen 2: Dark Waters To enter just reply to this thread and I will use Randomizer to pick a random number and what ever number it chooses will be the winner! Example, If Randomizer picks number 14 and say User 12023 was the 14th person to reply to the thread he will have won. Thanks! Rules: -Don't post twice Ends: - 12AM Tonight (UK) 5 Hours from when the post was started.
  17. JordanTheSperm

    Humble Bundle Deep Silver Giveaway! [Ended] [Winner: Levent]

    Congratulations To LeventThe Random Number Was: 4 Out of 29! Check Your PM For Your Steam Code
  18. JordanTheSperm

    Can Someone Help Me Out

    Ohh, I don't really have rare items just Items like trading cards and Coupons :3
  19. JordanTheSperm

    Can Someone Help Me Out

    How does that work? :/
  20. JordanTheSperm

    Can Someone Help Me Out

    I only have 12P in my bank account :3 (sounds stupid I know)