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  1. Hiya. New year, new problems, I guess. Having a slight frustrating problem with users on my Windows 10 machine. Basically, I want it to start up on my user profile instead of the "Administrator" profile Windows randomly decided to create. https://prnt.sc/p8oz63 This is the screen I am greeted with after starting up my pc, instead of it just loading into my personal user profile. https://prnt.sc/p8p00i And I'm fairly sure the other 2 profiles weren't even there before. The top one is the one I want windows to start up on. https://prnt.sc/p8p14z I also know for a fact, that that Administrator profile was not on this screen before, but I can't seem to remove it. Not really the biggest problem in the world, but frustrating, when I have to do extra steps just to get my PC up and running. Also makes me type in the password of my user every time. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. No, yes, no. It does have a pin, but that's not the point. My problem is that it tries to auto sign in with none of the details entered. After it shows it as incorrect, i must go click on another user and input the pin. I used to be able to hit the power button, go make myaelf some coffee and come back to a booted pc, now i have to wait until i get to type in the pin and then i can leave. It's wasted literally about 4 hours of my life already.
  3. Hello. This might be difficult to explain, but it has been bothering me for the past few months. So, whenever I got this PC, I disabled sign-in to windows upon startup, but a few months ago it re-enabled itself, while it actually shows as disabled. The biggest issue with this is, that whenever the PC starts, it tries signing into Windows with both fields blank (no e-mail, no password, no anything) wasting my time and killing brain cells.(It actually tries to sign in, as in it shows "wrong user/password" every time, even though I haven't even touched the keyboard) Now I have to go out of my way to grab my mouse, go down to the bottom left corner and choose the other account and proceed entering my PIN or password. (Note, that they're both the exact same name and one of them is the blank one. I have no actual clue where it came from, since there's only one Microsoft account connected to the PC) Anyone else had this happen to them? If so, how'd you solve it, if you did? My time management is screwed by this little thing and I think I'm losing a few brain cells because of it every single day. It happened after some update a few months ago. It's W10 by the way. Thank you for your time, hope this made at least a bit of sense.
  4. That was the plan either way, but I might just wait a little longer than that. Thank you for the answers.
  5. So the best I'm getting from this is.. I should wait a few months?
  6. I'd be able to upgrade one of them within the next couple of weeks, the other would take up to 4 months. 300-350$ would be dirt cheap to get that over here, I can't seem to put all of that together for less than 450. Used hardware market here is pretty much non-existant. I'd be paying a fortune to purchase the stuff from elsewhere. I'm aware of that, I also have a friend that is oooking to upgrade from his pentium 3,so I might be able to get some money towards the graphics card as well if I do the CPU first. Sorry for these posts being quite chaotic and perhaps not very thought out, I'm a bit tired and typing on a mobile.
  7. Thought I should mention: I mostly play CSGO, which is more CPU dependant and I render videos. But I'd also like to crank up graphics in games like GTA V.
  8. Hiya, I've decided I want to uograde something on my PC, I don't have enough money to upgrade the whole thing. The question is, which to upgrade first? My plan was: Fx-6300 to r5 1600 or r7 360 to gtx 1060. Motherboard doesn't support overclockint, so that's out of the question.
  9. Basically, the question's in the title. Lately I've been enjoying the freedom of my own movement and comfort of speakers, and I finally want to get my own. It doesn't matter what they are, as long as they have bass, sound good and are under €150. Thanks in advance.
  10. Peteris

    PC upgrade.

    I'm using windows 10. Alright, thank you. I'll peep this out whenever I get back home. I'll report back on this post if I have further questions.
  11. Peteris

    PC upgrade.

    Hey, thank you for the answer. Probably a stupid question, but how would I know which I have?
  12. Peteris

    PC upgrade.

    Hello, The time has come, that I have to upgrade my CPU. I'll be going from an fx-6300 to a Ryzen 5 1600, which includes a mobo and ram swap. My question is, would I still be able to use the same copy of windows already installed on the same HDD? When I got this PC I couldn't get the old drive to boot up windows on the new PC, while it worked fine on the old one.
  13. Top of the line and not overkill? I think you're looking for a rainbow unicorn.
  14. Windows defender is enough for me..
  15. Ah, I was hoping it'd be a software issue, oh well. I was looking at local discounts recently, saw that you can get a G900 for 60 euros, might give that thing a swing. Thanks.