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  1. Pnede4

    Amp for headphones

    haha yea one month ago. But the cables are 3 meters
  2. Pnede4

    Amp for headphones

    Hey everyone, I got a Kingston HyperX Cloud. TechSyndicate used a amp and said the sound got much better. Does anyone have a recomendation? Thanks! Budget: ~80 euro
  3. Weird comment. Cant buy 10 phones my topic is to pick one of these
  4. Thank you! I am thinking to buy the s4, and you never go wrong with samsung
  5. s4 is possible but lg g2 better specs. Why do you reccomend the s4? Thanks for your reaction btw
  6. Hey guys, I need a new phone, but I can't deside which one to get. Needs: - 1080p screen - quick navigating so no lag. - decent gpu I use it for many hours of youtube and whattsapp. Video is important A good camera would be nice but no needs. + with the LG G2 I can get a free docking station. And with the HTC One is 2300 battery not a bit on the low side? Moto X not avaidible here and the Note3 to expensive. Buying with a contract. Thank you!
  7. Pnede4

    FPS Peripherals

    because nobody gives a good awnser
  8. Hi everyone, Which keyboard, headset, mouse and mouse mat would you guys pick, for pure FPS games? Price doesn't really care. But not 300 euro/dollar for a keyboard like the strike 7. The headset is for me the most important product Thanks! Pnede4
  9. I have this mobo and it is AMAZING! It is really worth your money. Also in Holland (where I live) we have a company that test everything, you know. Butt on the selection motherboard it got the silver award (2nd). Comparing to all mobo's so also mobo's from 400 euro/dollar
  10. hahaha, I live in the Netherlands, you can buy it there. Pretty cheap. www.Alternate.nl I think shipping (<---- bit weird now but okay) is like 30 to Germany
  11. If you buy a new board, I should also upgrade your CPU. If you do so get the i5 4670(k) and the MSI z87-G45 Gaming, awesome combination
  12. Thank you! I was really wondering!
  13. Hi everyone, What are the best mech switches for fps gaming? Or aren't there 'best' ones? Thank you! Pnede4