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  1. My new system came in about 2 weeks ago, Here are the list of parts on the PcPartPicker website. At work i use Blender as my primary program to create 3D scenes, so when my system came in, I thought i'd use one of my older graphics card along side my RTX 2080ti to help lower the render times, since blender supports using different nvidia cards and it's a thing I did before with my old workstation (a GTX 970 paired with a 570) I thought i'd pop in my old 760 in, and this is where my issue starts. In the first PCIE slot I have the 2080ti connected, running with no issues In the second PCIE slot I had the 760 connected, but the fans ramped up to 100% and stayed at 100% even after the system booted, and doesn't get recognized, something that the 760 card never did before in my old system. so I connected an old quadro FX 3800 to see what would happen and same issue! The fans ramp up to 100% speed and stay there as soon as the computer turns on, and isn't detected by windows. I went back to my old system and put the 760 back into my machine, and now I have the same issue from the new PC that i've never had on the old PC, the fans ramp up to 100% and stay there, even after windows has booted. What do I do? What steps should I take?
  2. 1. I completely agree with you, performance in Google docs is poor in comparison to MS Word. Documents with lots of images tend to slow down a little but documents with text only don't really have this issue in my experience. And just yo be clear, "poor performance" means slow scrolling (which sometimes is super unbearable with older computers?) and loading times but typing and editing is just as responsive as normal. 2. As @tmcclelland455 said in one of his previous comments. I'm surprised that people seem to have issues with Google Docs not working for whatever reason and it's reliability. I know for a fact that Chrome OS + G-Docs is shit, so I'm completely disregarding it until google decides to fix the OS as a whole. In the past 5-6 years that I've been using G-Docs, I've used it thoroughly on my old 2013 iMac, Thinkpad T430 both on Linux and Windows, an Acer Aspire One netbook running Lubuntu (for about 2 months while I was without a laptop), my old 2010 MacBook pro, and now my Dell XPS 15 without any real issues. Yes I know that performance was a problem on the 2010 macbook and the craptastic Lubuntu Netbook due to hardware, and yes I agree that using something like Libreoffice and Pages ran much smoother than G-Docs since it's not in a browser but the fact that I could just log in and have everything is damn convienient. I've had a spreadsheet shared to some 13 people (for cataloging supplies at my local highschool in G-Sheets) without any real issues. Something someone else mentioned they couldn't do in a class setting. 3.As a new user, I use it all the time, it's sometimes faster to search it than to look through the crammed panels. Same goes for G-Docs (im really just trying to learn all the keybinds still.) You along with other users keep pointing out that G-Docs can't be used offline? I know that M$ Office can run some 70% offline but so can google docs, which seems to be a huge misconception. It's just limited within chrome offline - And if you don't like the browser feel it's not a real issue if you make the Docs page as a 'application' by creating a desktop shortcut anyways if you don't want to see the browser panels. The explore feature, and dictation are the only two things that cannot work offline.
  3. Maybe it is something that I am doing. I'm still trying to used to MS Word instead of google docs since I have it for free now like @Jtalk4456 mentioned many students are getting. I've personally just never had any issues with Google Docs, the performance when you have documents that are some 70+ pages open is very poor as others had mentioned but that's only with really large documents from what i've seen. I've never had it be unreliable like other are talking about and if im not connected to the internet, yes I need to use google chrome since offline editing is exclusive to google chrome but even MS word has features that don't work offline like the help tab : / I think students would be happy with google docs more than MS word, it's just my opinion, but I understand why M$ Office would be loved by many different companies given its a 'industry standard'.
  4. Well most of the documents that I make are notes from classes and text books with small clip art to help me understand whatever I typed about. One document I'm looking at right now is 64 pages long with 22 of those pages with little clipart like this alert png. I exported it to the DOCX format from google docs and the file size was 2.88 MB - Using the compress images feature (compresses - crops - resize) in MS Word it went down to 2.32 MB in size. Something I don't worry about in google docs since it doesn't count against storage space as mentioned before which is also the reason I don't compress the images or permanently resize them to begin with. (i don't do huge images) @Syntaxvgm
  5. "The rights you grant in this license are for the limited purpose of operating, promoting, and improving our services, and to develop new ones." Not 'Anything' like you said, but that's just business jargon. Thanks for pointing it out.
  6. The average size for my documents hover around 2-7 MB not KB like you're suggesting. Why would I pay more than $70 yearly for a program just to type KB of stuff? Anyways, what critical thinking 'skillz' do I seem to be missing? You still haven't said one thing that would justify spending $150 once, or $70 a year on a word processor (yes I know it has other things but I'm talking about Word, Excel and Powerpoint). You mentioned that using google docs back in high school was a trash fire. What was so bad about it? I don't see anything straightforward in any of your comments so far.
  7. How so? I don't want to carry a flash drive around even when I need to present something or really at all If I can be guaranteed that I'll never loose the files to begin with. If Microsoft offers to store my files online so that I can access it whenever that's great, but if google offers the same thing without using any space which means I can upload unlimited documents (including MS word documents mind you). Why do I have to reconsider my storage solution?
  8. I mean how well is it really intergrated? Google Docs is intergrated the same through out all operating systems, I simply mentioned the chrome part because there's just two things that you can do with any other browser which is pasting with the mouse and using dictation. 50% of the time you spend on your computer is probably on your browser regardless. I just can open a new tab between work that I am doing and what I am reading without needing to worry about loosing any work at all. I don't understand what you're trying to say here.
  9. My college just gave all of its students the ability to download full MS Office on their computers using a school account and I've been trying to use it for the past month and a half but I can't shake off one feeling. Why would anyone pay to use MS Office? I understand that from a feature standpoint, it's "ahead" of really any other program with some like some the following (from what I've seen in the past month): Inserting 3D paint models into your word document being able to draw over whatever you want Having the best researching tool that I've seen built into any word program having the best built in grammer, spelling, and thesaurus panels of any office programs and so on. and of course this excludes skype for buisness (which i think is trash), Outlook (which I also feel isn't as good as Gmail), and other programs that I have yet to use because I don't see a reason for it. But a program like Google Docs works offline like office (in Google Chrome) and still is so much easier to use since it's not crammed with features. Not everyone needs to shove a 3D model of a Rover into their Notes page. Even then there are simple things like not taking space in your own online storage service that's provided with the account (Word documents in office take up space in onedrive unlike google docs that never take up space in google drive). Not to mention because it's free and almost everyone has a Google account, which means that all of those people GDocs which also makes it stupid easy to work on the same document with multiple people.
  10. I recently just bought myself a laptop so I don't need my desktop anymore, it's been with me for over the past 3 years and it's been great but recently my GTX 970 died on me so I had to downgrade back to my 570. Can anyone give me an estimate on what I should sell this for? - Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard - EVGA GTX 570 w/ 1.5 GB of Vram (reference blower) (GTX 970 is included if you can somehow fix it, it's not detected by windows and had a burnt silicone smell) - AMD FX-8350 Vishera edition w/ corsair H55 AIO cooling (very quiet) - 16 GBs of DDR3 - I can't recall the clock speed at the top of my head - 500 GB Samsung EVO sata 3 SSD w/ 3 TB WD Green Drive included with optional 2x 1TB WB 5400RMP drives if you want aswell. - Corsair Carbide 100R Mid-Tower Case - Corsair Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition fans 1/ Kingwin 140 MM Advance Series Long Life Bearing Fan Case CF-014LB Currently running windows 10 off the SSD and works just fine. The computer is very very quiet. I can't hear it over my fridge sometimes that is in the room next to us.
  11. Well, I've had the laptop now for 5 days and have been using it as my only computer so far. I got AIDA 64 running on it too and I've been monitoring the temperatures whenever I play any game, such as CSGO, Metro 2033, Fallout NV, and Garry's Mod. It does get hot, high 80's and especially the CPU in this case. But the most thermal throttling i've got on a gaming workload (metro 2033) was 4% throttling at max in very intensive parts of the game, in other parts it ran just fine.
  12. *cough* apple *couch* and well I was talking about my 'rant'. You're not wrong though, but it is what it is.
  13. soooo basically regular manufacturing issues that almost all laptop models will have at some point in their life that slowly get fixed? If you're concerned about the overheating, unless you peg CPU and GPU at 100% simultaneously, it isn't much of an issues, but if you think that the issue still lingers, install better thermal compound. Dont think it should be the users job to replace the thermal compounds? Should get a macbook. Dont want to limitations and have customization that comes with a PC? the cycle goes. Anyways aside from that 'rant', im actually waiting for my XPS 15 to come in the mail sometime in the next 2 weeks, if you wait i'll tell you first hand.
  14. Honestly, get something like a Dell XPS 15 that isn't too expensive (still a premium) but comes with a lot a features that you'll and enjoy. Have windows and MacOS installed at the same time (hackintosh) and maybe even triple boot with Linux as well. You'll have better performance than the top of the line MBP 2018, one of the biggest batteries, best screen, and similar build quality for half the price.