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  1. I have an asus z170i pro gaming mobo in my mini itx case and I got corsair ml120 pro fans hooked up to the h100i v2 i bought a while ago. The pump is connected to the CPU_FAN connector (Note the mobo has only 3 fan connectors , 1 CPU and 2 Chassi) and the 2 4pin ML120 pro fans are connected to the pump fan connectors. Anyone have any clues as to why i can't adjust those fans?
  2. I am planning a build to last, budget of $1500 (or 13000 sek, parts will be bought from inet so please check if the parts you are planning are available there). I don't need a new case, will be reusing a Define R4, and using the hard drive that is already in the old PC. SSD is definitely required, and at least a 1070 i'd guess. I can go either AMD or Intel, up to you! will be used for heavy gaming
  3. I am looking to add an m.2 ssd to my system that already has a 180gb intel ssd and an HDD. I was thinking of buying this to have my games on it so the regular SSD only has windows and stuff - will this do a good job of storing/playing games from it? I know its not the best probably but currently it has a good discount here in Sweden which made me wonder if I should get it because it's cheap
  4. any recommendations that aren't too expensive?
  5. Yeah but it's gonna be a month before they become avilable here in sweden so that's a no go
  6. I am gonna assume you mean X61? *edit since the x62 isn't out yet, not in sweden at least
  7. I will be buying an AIO LQ for an i7-6700k on an Asus z170i Pro Gaming mobo in a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX case. I am having problems choosing a good cooler just because there are so many options. I was thinking of H80i v2, H115i, X41 or any other suggestions?
  8. Okay then, the other question that remains is MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC or ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming? They are in the same price range but I can´t decide on which one is better
  9. So I´ve been planning a new budget-ish build for a while now and I will be buying the parts this coming week. My current plan is - I7-6700k MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC Corsair Vengeance 16gb 2400Mhz EVGA Supernova G2 550W NZXT Kraken X31 Phanteks EVOLV mITX ASUS GTX 980 (which I have in my old system) This comes to about 8750 sek (swedish krones, equals to about 980 usd). I am currently pondering if I even want/need to overclock. I am not a super hardcore enthusiast like some of the people here so I don´t even know if I will overclock (I currently have a i5-3570k in my system which I never got to overclocking in the 4 years I´ve had it). I will be gaming on the system (obviously) and doing some video editing and some streaming. Now the thing is that whatever I get will be better than the cpu I have had for a while, so If i happen to not overclock - is it worth saving some money and getting a normal i7-6700 or should I get the K version anyway? What is the difference in performance? And if not getting the K and not overclocking - what cheaper (and solid) motherboard should I get then?
  10. Could you suggest another PSU as that one is only available on cdon and i'd prefer to order everything from one page
  11. If an ATX psu fits in that case, then is there a point to buying a new one if my current psu fits fine? Also any benefit to upgrading to a h115i or should I just keep the h80i for cooling?
  12. Not really digging that case to be honest