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  1. I'm going to be replacing the ssd in my laptop but i cant seem to find any information on the screw type used, it looks like torx security but im not sure, any help is appreciated, thanks.
  2. Thanks for your advice, I haven't looked into cryengine as much as ue4 but theres barely any tutorials for ue4 and epic games focuses on blueprints more than scripting, ill probably go with unreal, buy a book for the engine, i also have experience in unity and there's a video tutorial to help translate skills from unity to unreal engine which is good.
  3. Im currently learning c++ and have mainly been learning via books, tutorials and programming exercises as well as creating a few programs of my own from scratch, I've been looking at unreal engine or Cryengine and I'm still undecided one which one to choose, unreal engine seems to lack c++ tutorials but i have found more tutorials for Cryengine, whats your opinion on the engines and which one would you recommend, thanks.
  4. hello, i have a hp envy 13 with a 120GB SSD and its no longer enough to store what i need so I'm looking to buy a 500GB m.2 SSD, i would get nvme but my laptop doesn't support the speeds of nvme, what ssd would you suggest. thanks.
  5. ahh, see i need to constantly check something until the condition is right then once the code is executed i need it to start checking again, ive tried an infinite loop but it just keeps checking without finishing the code so it just spams the output in the console loads of times lol
  6. ahh sorry, it calls all the statements in the method every frame
  7. hey guys, I'm looking for some sort of method like update() from unity but in c#, visual studio, as that would work with what i need to do. is there a method like this in c# ? thanks
  8. I'm guessing your asking what language should you choose, but that depends on what you'll be using the language for
  9. i restarted visual studio and it didnt work, i restarted my pc and now it works lol
  10. ohh my bad i thought you meant check it in visual studio or something lol, yeah i already checked task manager and it wasn't running there
  11. ah, this is probably a stupid question but how do i check if its running
  12. hey guys I'm just creating an 8 ball application and when i debug i get a warning saying the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process and the file is locked by: (as seen in the image below) I have no idea why I'm getting this problem, any help will be appreciated, thanks .
  13. hey guys I'm creating an infinite 'Flappy bird' like game, when both objects are instantiated it gets given a random range, to add some RNG into the game but i want to add a consistent fixed distance between the 2 platforms and I'm not sure how to do it, I've tried lots of different things like using vector2.distance and changing the position of the object to a specific distance but i cant seem to get it to work, here's my code. public class Spawner : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject Platform1; public GameObject Platform2; public float CoolDown = 3f; public float CoolDownTimer; // Use this for initialization void Start () { } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if (CoolDownTimer > 0) { CoolDownTimer -= Time.deltaTime; } if (CoolDownTimer < 0) { CoolDownTimer = 0; } if (CoolDownTimer == 0) { Vector2 RandRange = new Vector2 (10f, Random.Range(2f, 6f)); Instantiate (Platform1, RandRange, transform.rotation); Vector2 RandRange2 = new Vector2 (10f, Random.Range(-2f, -6f)); Instantiate (Platform2, RandRange2, transform.rotation); CoolDownTimer = CoolDown; } } } any help will be appreciated, thanks .
  14. thanks for your advice, i don't need any aesthetic headsets as that doesn't bother me, i do listen to a lot of music, whats your opinion on the audio technica ATH-M20x (the cheaper version) it costs £42, as i wouldn't mind saving a bit of money.
  15. thanks for your advice!, i was looking at the audio technica headphones earlier and ill probably go with those
  16. Ah okay cool, ill have a look into actual headphones then, that would be better thanks !
  17. thanks for your input and advice, I'm not really bothered about how much bass it has or how balanced it is as I'm a pretty casual gamer and do more programming if anything, so i don't rely on sound but i would like a good quality headset, mic quality doesn't matter as i have a blue snowball, what about the arctis 3 ?, I'm gonna watch a review on it now
  18. yeah ill probably spend around £80 - £90
  19. ah okay ill have a look into them, ill probably wait a bit then
  20. ahh, could you suggest any in my price range ?
  21. bit out of my price range, upgrading my pc soon and don't really wanna spend alot on the headset
  22. yeah haha, i currently have logitech g230 headset and they've held out well but its time for a new headset