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  1. so hello guys i heard that there was a issue like this back in 2004 but they solve it by going back to the old driver 64.xx yeah that is way too old.. however what if we downgrade our driver to 2xx.xx maybe it should work or downgrade it to 300-33x.xx so hey here is a hint... NEVER PLAY NO ANTI ALIASING SKY!!!! no man sky
  2. woah i am watching some videos and suprised to see this it turns out it was like everyone in the earth is having these problems go watch it from 3:33 to 3:58 you can see the shadows in mw1 have low draw distance while in mw2 it looks good i think and at mw3 it was pixelated
  3. You guys are so cool you guys should work at microsoft/nvidia/amd/intel/apple/sony.. that is heck of a work..
  4. this is pure cancer... after buying witcher 3 with all dlcs i try to play blood and wine.. yeah the new update looks cool and make the graphics even more sharper than before thats why i think the anti aliasing option is useless.. i been to toussiant and wtf..... too many jagged edges and plain landscapes.. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many sharp grasses and that castle i think or city is shimmering whenever i move... it was like forcing to play gta v on n64... but sometimes when it is snow or raining or night it looks good... anyway Elijah and iiNNex goodluck to both of them sadly i cant help but to say issues than solutions.. i will start messing up with hidden files in my pc maybe it is something connected to regedit or anything that have anything to do with graphics
  5. what... seems like i have a problem.. a diff problem.. it looks like problem is always next to me... my games i think is dark??? yeah i forgot what ds3 looks like and fo4 but.. and in witcher 3 i just updated it recently and it was so dark and when i put it to high sharpening it looks like im using reshade.. wtf
  6. oh my god i finished downloading witcher 3 on steam and i played it.. it look so different i want the 1.02 back wtf... it so sharp and wtf it looks like it was using some kind of reshade
  7. and i have no idea what drugs did i just took... they do it so if we notice it and look at older games we notice it there too so we wont just notice it on next gen games... wtf am i saying?
  8. well after searching i found some "maybe" solutions 1.Change the power box (idk what power box.. maybe psu or the power box in our house) 2.Plug your pc in different part of your house
  9. okay so maybe.. if they are having our problem or if everyone in the earth is having our problem.. this must mean one thing.. the next gen tech override all settings to our pc and consoles (maybe?) so we wont notice it change..
  10. they dont have the problem.. it is our pc flopping with the video.. try to watch it in another player but not youtube and you see
  11. okay then what game are you playing right now?? im going to repeat witcher 3 all over again while waiting for my dlcs to be downloaded...
  12. okay.. seems like we are the only people talking here then..
  13. sorry i am tired that time i type that that's why it was kinda idk... i mean go watch some gameplay vids but not on youtube.. go to ign and watch some of they're gameplay they are not using youtube player they are using some kind of different player and then make a new tab watch ign youtube video of that video you are watching.. compare them both.. you see aliasing on youtube while on the ign website you dont..
  14. who's picture is that? yours? anyway yeah i agree 1440p wont do anything but just reduce it .. the thing is youtube player is like controlled by our pc.. what we see in our games we can see it on youtube videos too.. ven real life videos have jaggies.. try to watch some gameplay video but not youtube player more like ign player or anything like that but not the one youtube use
  15. so here is the list of pretty looking games even if this problem exists: Witcher 3 GTA V Dark Souls 3 (it look so bad and everything is jagged but once you finish the game you get use to it) Fallout 4 (only the white lines and low shadow distance is noticable in this game and also z-fighting) Shadow of mordor (despite that is doesnt have any anti aliasing option it still look good and look cool) MGSV (beware jagged lines ahead be quiet. the jagged lines are normal cause it is just fxaa but expect more jagged lines) Asssasins Creed 4 (this is one of the first games i notice this problem but it still look good dont worry) DOOM 4 (the game was so cool and jaggies are hard to found.. definitely goty) Rise of the tomb raider (it look so bad in vegetations but its okay) that's all i know.. good day everyone and i hope we can just throw our broken pc away and play with normal pc
  16. its funny how the gamers call this and some other racing games good.. they even say this have a good graphics while we cant see the good graphics in these games.. what is your gpu?? you can upgrade your monitor to 1440p or 4k to have a better image quality and no aliasing but that depends on your gpu..
  17. have you ever played mw2 or atleast is it installed in your pc? play the mission "just like old times" and take a picture of that part of the mission and be sure to prone and look at the shadows and send us the picture and you can see that the shadow of yours and the shadow of our broken pc is different
  18. you sure it is 480p?? im using 1366x768p and also ultra settings.. seeking for attention boy?
  19. yes that would really remove those issue.. by getting 4k monitor its wide huge and big and have more pixel density than other resolutions.. looking at pixelated shadows in 4k can reduce the jaggies of the shadows and make it look like it a normal shadow but still jagged shadows.. about the texture pop in and low draw distance .. i dont know maybe the pixel density have something to do with this but anyway if that solve his problem then i am going to buy a 4k monitor now and then buy gtx 1080 and i7 soon.. i hope what you said will work because this will reduce my fps so much so...
  20. hello are you guys still alive?? hmm i have nothing to say so...
  21. this is the problem we are getting all along http://www.opengl-tutorial.org/intermediate-tutorials/tutorial-16-shadow-mapping/#Result___Shadow_acne view it and you can see our problem is enlisted there... (except for aa,lod others) thing is we must fix that.. i realize that open gl has something to do with some parts of the pc (software) like regedit etc.. in regedit after opening all the files there for hours i found that they all have different kind of numbers.. some were 0,some were 1 and some were 100+.. one thing that took my mind is the AA ZOOM (forgot what it is called) this thing make me think that this force us to zoom edges on all things that will cause jaggies.. i mean if it is not zoomed we wont have those jagged edges.. im afraid to set it to 0 because it might flop with my pc anyway now we have something mysterious tell me if i need to put it to 0 or it has nothing to do with zoom edges (jagged egdes)
  22. i never heard of this game rage but when i am searching for pop ins it always there now i know it for it is problems Just a little survey, guys what bother you the most? O - Pixelated Shadow O - Jagged Anti Aliasing O - Pixelated Reflection O - Low Draw Distance O - Pop ins O - Low Shadow Distance O - Others
  23. Just a little survey, guys what bother you the most? O - Pixelated Shadow O - Jagged Anti Aliasing O - Pixelated Reflection O - Low Draw Distance O - Pop ins O - Low Shadow Distance O - Others
  24. when i first had this issue and not have formatted the pc it have work.. it reduce the jagged edges but of course there is still some sharpness but it helps but now i cant open it due to many missing nvidia files because i delete those (thinking it was a problem of nvidia) and i also delete some motherboard amd files thats why im flopped right now.. i can reinstall the motherboard amd files by formatting my pc and using the disc again but for nvidia the cd isnt working so i have to find one in the internet