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  1. Hi, I have a strange issue with my accounts on my phone. I buy in-game cash for a mobile game once in a while, and every time I try to buy it, it always forces me to go into my school account, which I can't use because those functions are disabled on my school account. The only way I can complete the purchase is by removing the account, and that's pretty annoying. Is there any way I can disable my school account for google play only? I can pay fine with my other accounts, and I just want the school account so that I can access my school stuff on my phone(documents, presentations, schedules, etc) so is there a way I can disable google play functions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! I want to hook up a voltage display to my battery pack, but I don't have a permanent switch so I decided to use a potentiometer. The lowest resistance this can get is 50 ohms and it triggers the buzzer in my multimeter's continuity mode, so is it possible that I can just use the potentiometer as a 'permanent switch'? thanks!
  3. idk. Never been a fan of apple but miiight just give it a shot.
  4. Can you please help insted of posting 'Get an iPhone'? BTW I'll never get an iPhone.
  5. Hi. I just had my phone infected with this FBI ransomware stuff, and I managed to recover it by deleting the app that I installed that caused this(via safe mode) but my phone acts a bit different now. It seems to run hotter than usual, and opening up CPU-z, I can see that the cpu load never really seems to go below 15%, which is quite unusual because it's not doing anything. How can I fully recover my phone to it's fully original state? I'm thinking that there is some kind of 'residual' virus that my phone's virus scans can't find, and is using up my phone's processing power. Please help ASAP. Thanks in advance.
  6. umm, I don't think 350 pounds are necessary. I think with all the stuff it won't weigh more than 100kg.
  7. Hi! I would like some tips on converting my bike to a e-bike. I have this tiny foldable bike that only has rear gear shift of 7 gears and has really small wheels and has a place for payload on the back. I'm planning to use that space for the battery and electronics, and I'm trying to follow this guide, but I need some help. What are the tips you can give for building my own e-bike? What do I need to keep in mind, and what are the dangers? P. S. If required, I live in Korea.
  8. Hi! I was wondering if I can programmable RFID card with my S7 edge, or better, make my s7 edge the RFID tag. Is there any app/software that allows this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi. I would like to run my steam games off my hard drive, which is external. It has usb 3.0 and I have played lol from it and it runs fine. Only problem is that I play 99% of my games off steam, which I don't know how to make it so that I can run steam off my hard drive. I am on a mac(kill me) and I am constantly running out of space due to the 120gb size and ~80GB OS size, so I need more storage space. How do I run my steam games off a external hard drive on mac? Thanks in advance.
  10. What if I make a powerbank with AC outlet and use a magsafe to charge? That will work right?
  11. So does it mean that I can charge with a DIY powerbank that is set to 14.85V 3.05A?
  12. Hi! I want to know if I can charge my mac without having to use the magsafe that's provided. I'm planning to make a powerbank that can charge my mac, but I'm not sure how the mac charge thing goes so I'm kind of worried that it won't charge my mac due to it's different methods. Will using a 14.85v 3a supply charge my mac the same way it charges from a magsafe? Will the over-charge protecton and any other protection work? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi! I want to build a powerbank that can charge my mac air. My mac air accepts 14.85V at 3.05A max. I'm planning to use 8 25R 18650 cells(with BMS), a variable current and voltage controller, a volt + ammeter for monitoring purposes, and a mac charger. I have a few questions.I found 2 that can be used as a variable current + volt. One uses a XL4006 (Link) and can output 1.24~32V and 5A max (step down) with a input voltage of 5~36V and the other one uses some capacitors, transistors and a coil. (LINK). It can output 1.25~30V with 5A continuous current(24-7) They both seem good options, but I personally think the 8A one seems a bit shady but yeah, I'll have to see. My second question is about batteries. I think samsung's 25R 18650 batteries are good because they can have 20A of continuous current with 2500 mah capacitance. I will have a 4s pack of these with 2 rows, effectively creating a 14.4v 5000 mah battery. My third question is how does a magsafe charger work? I can make this powerbank, but if apple's magsafe's charging methods are different than any other normal charging methods, then I can't build this. I hope someone can answer these questions and if you can, thanks in advance.
  14. ItsMinJunLol


    Hi! I would like some recommendations for a new pair or IEMs. I think the Xiaomi Hybrid pro(Triple Driver) and Sennheiser CX 3.00 or CX 300 II is good, but I'm welcome to other options. Which of the three options are the best? Or if they're all bad and you have a better recommendation, I'm open to it. Thanks in advance. P. S. It's a bonus if you can comfortably wear them with helmets and have less wind rushing sound because I personally love to listen to music while riding my bike.