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  1. yea the main battery and cmos battery both out for 45 mins
  2. just pulled the battery for 45 mins, put it all back together and it still asking for the password
  3. @YoYo155 i'm not sure if its the bios, i have been wondering that myself. but its not the hard drive thats locked so idk. im taking it apart now tho so hopefully i just need to pull the battery
  4. Ok i will pull it all apart and remove the battery and ill let you all know what happens..
  5. I had the whole thing in pieces looking for a battery or jumper, and couldnt find anything idky. and for the hard drive password I tried the control alt delete thing with no luck, i even replaced the hard drive with a different one..This is really driving me crazy I just wanna watch my tv shows and surf the web. my other laptop's hard drive died and I dont have the money for another one right now
  6. it wasnt mine originally, i bought it for $20 from a girl that I work with. It was originally her dads, I asked if she knew the password but unfortunately she does not.
  7. I'm trying to restore an old laptop I have just to do some web browsing and watching movies. I ordered all the parts I could possibly need ( including charger, which I had lost), when the charger came in I powered it on only to find out that for some reason it requires a password at the very beginning right after hitting the power button. It gives me 3 chances to enter the correct password, and then it powers down without giving a code or anything. I have pulled the whole thing apart looking for the battery, or jumper with no luck. Please please help me! Toshiba Satellite A55-S306