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  1. Does anyone know if Dell are able to update this info (ie. if the motherboard was replaced with different spec, would they need to update this?) This was definitely an 8550U before.....so strange...I'm literally pulling my hair out over this!!
  2. LINK: Dell Support now, I know for a fact this used to be 8550U when I initially looked up the warranty info..…………………I just cannot prove it. when I purchased the laptop it definitely had an 8550u (as task manager shows the extra cores, etc)
  3. hmm... strange Dell have sent be to a link with the original config and it shows 7500u ,8GB ram.... I am 100% sure this was a 8550u,16GB RAM.- what are the chances Dell had updated this on their system> ...now I didn't buy this directly from dell but the system specs were definitely 8550u and 16GB as this is what it showed in the system settings in win 10. have I been scammed?! wth
  4. Hi, So my Dell XPS13 has just gone kaput! Specced out with an i7 8550u, 16GB RAM, FHD and 256 SSD. It is now out of warranty and Dell have quoted me ~£560 for a replacement motherboard. Now, they had told me they can repair it for £160, which obviously I opted for as a 'no-brainer', but to my surprise I found that they had just replaced the mother board with a lower speced i7 7500u, 8GB RAM. I did complain obviously, and now I have 2 options; get the board replace for ~£560 for the same spec or keep the lower spec.....I've already noticed the lower speed when using it for an hour or so... due to an error I am hoping they replace the board for the price I paid for the 'repair' but i know that's wishful thinking!.... any suggestions? anyone had any similar issues with Dell....or the XPS 13?
  5. NTFS permissions; Everyone has FC
  6. Hi All, gathered a bunch of spare parts i had lying around and was wondering if it can all work. Asus p8h61, i7 2600 non 'k' @ stock, stock intel cpu cooler, 8GB XMS RAM, HD 5770, 1x32GB ssd, 1x 500GB hdd, will a Corsair HX450 be sufficient for this build?...it wont be used for gaming....mainly testing VMs...maybe some light video editing...
  7. The profiles do roam, but the Domain Admins do not seem to have access to those folders. Taking Ownership of the folder resets the permissions
  8. Hi guys, just upgraded to server 2012 and having a slight issue with setting the permissions on roaming user profiles. Is this supposed to be done different than in server 2008/2003? (eg. GPO) because I've tried to to set the permissions on the users' folders without and luck. Ive gotten it as far as it creates the folder for the user but administrators do not have access. below is the batch file i used to run to enable this: icacls C:\UserProfiles /grant Everyone:(NP)(AD,RD,RA,X) icacls C:\UserProfiles /grant "Domain Admins":(OI)(CI)F icacls C:\UserProfiles /grant System:(OI)(CI)F icacls C:\UserProfiles /grant "CREATOR OWNER":(OI)(CI)F icacls C:\UserProfiles /remove administrators
  9. not a major issue...but i have 2 USB flash drives 1x 1GB Kingston Migo and 1x 16GB Kingston Tiny Cruzer. I want to install ESXi 5.5 on one and pfsense on the other. i only have these 2 spare and want to know which one would be best to install on the 1GB....and i'll install the other on the 16GB...has anyone had any issues with a 1GB install of either of the 2?
  10. ok..i ended up just replacing the ssd and reinstalling the OS (felt the need to as the last install had a bunch of settings for testing purposes)... used a program called EasyBCD to try to allow it to dual boot to the other existing server2008r2 OS.... doesnt seem to work now...booting to server 2008 causes it to keep restarting. any ideas? is each OS supposed to have its own SYSTEM RESERVED partition? cos i deleted it thinking i don't
  11. As the title suggests, im looking to update the boot SSD in one of my PCs. The current setup in it is i7 960, 2x 32GB SSD (RAID0) [onboard RAID controller - Asus P6t Dv2], 2x 500GB I currently have it dual booting WIN7 (on boot drive), Server 2008R2 on 1 of the 500GB hdd. I want to replace the 2x 32GB SSDs with 1x 120GB SSD. Would it be a simple process? Im guessing i have to reinstall the Win7 OS, but how will it boot to the Server 2008R2 partition?
  12. Just wanted some feedback on an idea to setup a Home VM server. Reason: Have a few (3 old PCS - P4) and want to make some use of a a 'not that old' PC Q6600, XFX 750i, 4GB Corsair XMS2 and a few HDDs (various 80GB, 160GB)... If i could setup the q6600 PC as a VM server what would be a good choice? EXSi, Xen.....which would operate best? any suggestions
  13. One reason i havent moved to AMD is heat issues with the CPU. always been a bit weary as im not too savy on 'cooling'...any issues to be worried about with a CPU with that many cores?....(obviously more fans would keep it cool but noise levels would also be a thing to balance out)
  14. is this still a viable option??...still haven't managed to build one...realistically won't get till i get back from holiday mid January...OR is it worth waiting for the new CPU range (whenever that is..)