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  1. Far as ive seen vsync being set to adaptive works quite well havnt seen a performance hit only usual faster mouse movement so all i had to do was drop my sensitivity some more and that its never say it causes lag cuz its a load of bull if anything it helps especially on lower end cards anyway ( This is in my experience using a 660Ti so may not be the same for everyone ofc )
  2. He ask's due to it either helping or clamping performance also ive noticed since recent updates my 660Ti has gone very wierd on later titles such as division and possible crew when i download it so u've either got same problem i have or your it just as simple as tweaking ur control pannel or disabling vsync either way work a try
  3. I said this before i believe CPU and GPU never go any higher that 50c
  4. prolly around 60-80% never reaches 100% usage on any game i play
  5. no higher than 45-50c under-load computer has pretty nice airflow
  6. but now after being in game for more than a few mins performance has dropped but then i alt tab out and back in and a solid 60 is back again then it bins its self again with no recovery now even tried underclocking still not doing anything really main thing is turning off vysc makes it worse but it still end up dropping to unplayable usage while playing spikes in the area of 80-90% area. Just dont understand how tabing out and back in to type these msg's then tab back in and it be ok for a min then go back to slowly deteriorating performance as time goes on with vysc on then if turned off it just hits like 25 and mostly lower and be un playable that doesnt make sense to me at all guess i just have to accept this card is ready to flop dead soon
  7. Well like I said i do play division and that is a pretty intensive game tbh just gone into now and GPU and CPU usage was around 40% on GPU and Around 40- 80% cuz they always spike more when actually playing around i did just enable vsync this time and things appear to be better for some reason disipte trying this before and im pulling a solid 60 in the DLC back room of BOO which is just really strange as nothing has changed and as for clocks they are base clocks and Fallout doesnt have the frame issue at all
  8. I've done it 4 times each time changing the driver to no change srry for the delayed reply
  9. I use GPU tweak and while im in fallout NV right now which is the only game i can play atm its sitting at 32c
  10. Sys specs: Windows 10 Home 64bit 8gb kingston RAM DDR3 Asus 660TI DirectCUII Intel i5-3570k Quad Core 3.40GHz mother board is an Asus one before the sabertooth i belive but not exactly sure tbh but i ruled it out of the problem I'm having anyway The problem is this was casually playing game one day then the next day my whole screen when blue and rocket league crashed after this happen I reset my PC and everything was ok again but then I went to download the latest driver one release on the 30th of august from the driver released in july 14th so yeah i missed like updates no big deal really but after doing so my fps in rocket league and division have become dirt one second the fps is fine next its like 10fps then never recovers so i reverted back completely wiping it with DDU and putting my old one back on with no change so then because im on windows 10 i reset my PC to see if that would fix it. It didn't i am completely lost as to what to do yes the card is old maybe its had it time and its finally laying down its arm and just wants to be killed but i just want to be sure if u have any suggestions pls let me know thank you
  11. thank you for all the help Linus wasn't lieing about this site being really helpful
  12. Ty that is also good to know couldnt find any info about its water cooler im just gunna go mark this as solved
  13. Hmm guess i could wait till pascal assuming it isnt that long and as for the 390x issue ty for the info
  14. I would just wait but I really could use an upgrade as my system is struggling with current games such as division but my main concern with this card is the water cooler.