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  1. Standard operation. They have 250 of these USB SSD's in circulation for a data collection operation.
  2. Yeah, looking to keep transfer bandwidth high. They'll have a poor intern who's only job it is to take the drives and connect them and transfer data, but I guess they'll just need to use 3 workstations to do that. Thankfully the office is already setup for 10gb
  3. That is the backup plan if I can't get it all on one system is 2 or 3 systems with 7 port PCIE cards in 6-7 slots.
  4. They do large scale data collection, recorded to USB C external SSD's, so unfortunately that isn't practical and we are limited to USB for connectivity.
  5. Not video, it's all data. Just dumping from SSD to local storage so they can use it. One or two people using 1-3 devices and all they do is connect SSD and start the transfer.
  6. I have a client that has asked me to look in to the possibility of a server or two that are able to ingest large amounts of data from USB C external SSD's to local storage and then to offsite storage. The user requests 100 USB 3.0 ports for the drives. I've looked a bit, but haven't yet found a good way to do this. Any ideas for 100 USB ports on a single server?
  7. Got to 54% and then a BSOD. whea-uncorrectable-error
  8. Will do. That usually takes a while so I'll get er done and report back.
  9. Trying to avoid that if possible. Disk usage now down to normal, computer still very sluggish.
  10. @kelvinhall05 @Enderman Update. Disk usage back to normal, computer still extremely slow.
  11. Yes. Main drive is a 500gb samsung evo, also have 2x 2b seagate storage drives. Currently running 1607 I think.
  12. The files are easy but I have many programs that I no longer have the CDs and Licence keys to. Those programs are important and as of now I have no way to reinstall them.
  13. Windows install is only a few months old. Have not upgraded or cloned it. Only very recently have I had the BSOD issues, 3-4 times now. Always that same error.
  14. Went to use my computer this morning and everything was as usual. After a few hours had a BSOD with a whea_uncorrectable_error message. After I forced a shutdown and booted back up the computer ran extremely slowly. Programs will take several minutes to load, cursor is jumpy and slow, difficult to access things due to the slow response. Windows event logs showed a kernel power shutdown error with no other relevant information. Idling at the desktop I have 3% cpu usage, 12% memory usage, and variable but nearly 100% disk usage on the ssd. I ran HD Tune benchmark and smart info, screenshots below, but nothing seems off to me. System is a 4770k at stock, 32gb ram, samsung 500gb ssd, evga gtx 1070.
  15. Not sure how I feel about the new layout. 

    1. vinyldash303


      forgot you got a blog

    2. Flyguygamer


      Not mine. It's a huge site with thousands of authors.

  16. *VESSLE SPOILER* Linus watercooled his ssd...

    1. vinyldash303


      Glad we finally figured out how to keep those temps under control. Phew. I was worried.

  17. I need to build this. Without led's and no standing desk though. http://imgur.com/gallery/ynKqz

  18. I have a 970 and 3x 1080p monitors in surround plus another monitor on the Igpu of my 4790k. When I try to run premiere it snaps to one of the three 1080p monitors rather than using the 5760x1080 it should. Is there any way to make premiere use the full screen?
  19. Any way to make Premiere work on a 5760*1080 virtual display? It always snaps to a single monitor.

  20. I finally got a new computer. Going from a sandy bridge i5, 8gb ram and a gt630 to a 4790k, 16gb ram, and a gtx 970. What should I benchmark/install on the new system?
  21. Just got a new pc. What benchmarks should I run?

    1. Yummychickenblue
    2. Flyguygamer
    3. antoainb


      Cinebench and 3D Mark, maybe some Uningine ones too.

  22. He tagged me, so it gave me a notification to come look. As he said, the best job is one that will hire you. I started working as a file clerk in a law firm in July of 2014, now I'm leaving that job because I just got an offer as a mechanic which I start in a few weeks. Get a resume together and just go to every business in the area you want to work for and give it to them. At 16 you'll probably have to apply for 10's or 100's of jobs before you get hired. Then just work and enjoy the money.
  23. It can be. With apple you pay a very large price premium for that build quality. (ex. ux501 vs Mac Book Pro 15" retina with a 512gb ssd) The asus still has a better cpu/gpu,same ram, higher res display, and costs several hundred dollars less. But you lose that incredible build quality. It's a matter of what you want vs what you want to spend. For me, the ux501 is good enough build wise to make it the far better choice. For others, that simply isn't true.