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  1. @ jamespsu hi bud sorry to cut in between just wanted to suggest somethings the easiest way to check is to try starting the system outside the cabinet (due to shorts due to faulty mb stand offs at times) next is connect only CPU 12V Cable and Mb 24pin power connector and try powering on the system using the Power header on the mb front panel using a Philips screw driver
  2. hi friends im sort of new to this as this is my 1st or probably 2nd intel build. Have & always been a hardcore AMD Fan CPU - i7 5960x Mb - Asus Rampage V Extreme Ram - Hyper X 2133MHZ DDR4 Storage - OWC Mercury 256GB or Samsung Pro Evo 250GB My concern is when i try to load either Windows 7/8/8.1 or even 10 Pro keeps giving me memory errors at times just goes into a reboot loop and freezes up. I have 2 combo's of the same CPU MB and the exact same issue replicates. On a preloaded windows drive the system keeps freezing after 30mins or so. Checked CPU Temps stable at 35~49C Changed SSD, memory updated BIOS to the latest. I understand this mB has a dual BIOS what else can i try? Is it that this mb NVME has to be turned off or something...please help...