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  1. Alright so i got off the phone 3 times with Microsoft about this issue and after being tossed around like a damn ball all 3 times i finally got my answer and its not good. So basically from the several reps i talked to windows 10 home/pro/workstation are not allowed to do crap. Like literally nothing according to them. SMB sharing not allowed, hyper-v not allowed, workgroup only one user spanned between 2 pc's and your only allowed 1 smb folder more than that not allowed, hosting a simple controller program not allowed, camera server not allowed, and the reps even went as far as saying that if make a program that talks to another program via anything that technically your running a server and that its not allowed. Also you can not buy cals if your running a smb on windows 10 to cover user's accessing them, you have to buy the server software. I'm just gonna have to buy the server software and that's whatever (tax write off if anything) but why even have smb and hyper-v available to user's if you can't use it?? Luckily its not my money for this stuff but for average joe\jane that's expensive btw those answers were for business environment, don't know about home usage.
  2. Yeah i might have too, gonna give it a few hours on the forum and if nothing then i'll call them. thanks for your help wizardy.
  3. Thanks, that's what i thought but now i'm glad i got another person saying the same as wizardry. Do you happen to have a link or pdf showing that you don't need that though? I need something to provide the ceo that we don't need it for this basic stuff.
  4. That's what i was thinking but when you can't find anyone talking about this you kinda question yourself. Do possibly have a reference I would be able to offer to our ceo?
  5. we are running a few domains, but these are not domain joined there just workgroup and they get all there DHCP and DNS from the firewall and the firewall pulls the dns from our isp/google
  6. I know there not enforced but there's always a chance in our field for a BSA audit so if we end up needing them will buy them, just would like to find out if there actually needed for this type of scenario. Thanks though
  7. Hi everyone! Now I have had this question bounce around for awhile now and i can't seem to figure out an answer for this. I have a few windows 10 pro servers that host a few different things. Server A.) Runs 2 VM's that also run windows 10 pro. Server A ONLY host's VM and Backup functionality for the VM's by connecting to server B. VM 1 Runs a Unifi AP Controller for about 56 AP's, 1 firewall, 7 switches. VM 2 runs a Unifi Camera Controller for 85 Cameras. Server B.) Only Host's VM's of server A when Server A fails, other than that it is basically an archive server for the backups of server A. Server C.) Only connects to server B and archives the backups taken from server A. All server connections are through SMB sharing. Also I do RDP into the server's to manage them. There is also only one user (me) that use's and connect's to these servers Now that you have an idea, do i need any CALs for the windows 10 pro servers? I know i need them for server 2016 but I can't find any answers to this question anywhere. Also I won't be able to switch to linux because of the cost it takes to replace me in the event of my retirement, quitting, death, etc.