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  1. I'm considering buying the oneplus x. I live in Belgium and a friend of mine claims that it has bad connectivity with belgium mobile networks. I was wondering if anyone from Belgium can confirm this? https://oneplus.net/be_nl/x/specs
  2. Thank you for all your responses and for sharing your experiences. Verdict: 7 people claim that any cable charges just as well, 6 people claim that a "better" cable will charge faster. so I guess it isn't conclusive but my experience still stands, I'll be looking for a better cable..that audioquest one looks nice....
  3. hey all I recently lost my USB cable that came with my smartphone(nexus 5). I replaced it with a generic usb cable, but have been noticing that it charges slower than before. Is it me or does any usb cable charge just as well, even though different chargers charge differently. thank you
  4. I tried Pygame once, it was terrible. I tried Unity recently and have been loving it ever since. I'd suggest unity, no idea about UE.
  5. Pygame does it as well
  6. yeah gmail still works fine, I guess I'll be sticking with it then. I kinda liked inbox, shame I can't use it, I guess it's more my style.
  7. Hi all I'm trying out the "Inbox by google" email client app on my nexus 5. I used gmail before and it had my 2 gmail accounts and my 2 microsoft accounts (1 from outlook and 1 from the school's exchange server). Everything worked fine. But I can't seem to add a non-google account to the inbox app. TL;DR Am i missing something? how do I add a non-google account to inbox? In the likely event that this is impossible, then why would anyone prefer the inbox app over the gmail app? thank you
  8. try calling flush? http://developer.android.com/reference/java/io/PrintWriter.html
  9. it's just the name of the NetworkInterface. but I fixed it now, just needed admin privgs.
  10. running the my code with admin priviliges fixes it
  11. posted on stackoverflow like I should've in the first place: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30437346/c-sharp-trying-to-disable-a-networkinterface
  12. Hey guys, I'm creating little tool to manage my NetworkInterfaces. I've looked all over the web for a way to disable a nic. I've already got an instance of it. http://i.imgur.com/9RG2A9s.png Neither of these methods actually manage to disable the nic (yes i know the second isn't being called) Doesn anyone know another method? many thanks xx!
  13. http://www.bq.com/gb/products/aquaris-e4-5.html "QHD resolutionEnjoy your images at a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels (240 ppi)." are they being sarcastic?
  14. magic happened, it works. dbc is an instance of an object with a public boolean connectionWorks() private void addDatabaseConnectionThread(){ t = new Thread() { @[member=OverRide] public void run() { while (!interrupted() && threadRunning) { if (dbc.connectionWorks()){ lblDBConnection.setText(""); } else { lblDBConnection.setText("database connection failed"); } try { Thread.sleep(3000); } catch (InterruptedException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } }; t.start(); } don't ask me why this works and the previeous one didn't.
  15. I'm writing a program in java that uses a databaseconnection. I wrote a new thread to constantly check wether I have a connection to the database. my thread works, but when I call a function it doesn't run. this works: private void addDatabaseConnectionThread(){ (new Thread(){ @[member=OverRide] public void run() { while(!interrupted()){ //if (dbc.connectionWorks()){ System.out.println("true"); //} try { Thread.sleep(200); } catch (InterruptedException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } }).start(); } but this doesn't work: private void addDatabaseConnectionThread(){ (new Thread(){ @[member=OverRide] public void run() { while(!interrupted()){ if (dbc.connectionWorks()){ System.out.println("true"); } try { Thread.sleep(200); } catch (InterruptedException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } }).start(); } and I have no idea why... dbc.connectionWorks is a function in another class that works when called outside of the thread. can anyone help?