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  1. I'm flying in from Michigan. I found a cheaper option(https://www.hotels.com/ho175080/?pa=1&tab=description&ZSX=0&SYE=3&q-room-0-children=0&q-room-0-adults=2) that doesn't get great reviews but its reasonably close and affordable. Shopped around a bit and found a room for $92 a night.
  2. The first time I tried overclocking was with my FX6300 Black Edition. I watched a YT video on the exact bios settings and applied those until I got to 5GH. Anything past 5 would cause a crash. Overall I would say it went pretty well thanks to the internet.
  3. YouTube like dislike buttons seem to have disappeared for me, anyone else experiencing this? Technical difficulty or are they actually getting rid of them for good?
  4. "needs to be wireless" extra buttons are a preferred my budget is flexible.
  5. The new Corsair mouse they showed off at CES looked cool to me but it looks a bit small for me, can anyone confirm?
  6. My Logitech G602 is finally starting to wear out and I'm looking for a new mouse. The G602 is about the perfect size and contour for my hand and I am looking for something of similar size. Needs to be wireless. I would buy another G602 but it been out for so long I feel like its a bit outdated. I use it mostly for gaming, any suggestions are appreciated thanks.
  7. Was thinking something like this? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cD9229
  8. your help is much appreciated, i was a little harsh as well lol
  9. Guys Guys please READ, i don't need storage, fans, a CPU cooler, or a power supply (if 500w is enough)
  10. My current monitor is 1080p overclocked to 75hz
  11. If I were able to get a 4k monitor I hear a lot of people still runs games at 1080p, which is probably the direction I would go.
  12. I am looking to overhaul most of my current system so that it will be ready to play all the latest titles that were announced recently. I WILL NOT NEED storage, fans, or a CPU cooler. I will need a new case, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Power supply (unless 500 watts will be enough) And GPU. I have a budget of about $1,000 and would like the best performance possible with said budget (any suggestions under $1000 will also be appreciated . . One more question I might have would be if I should wait for and new GPU products from Nvidia to launch before upgrading? not sure on their current timeline... My current system has 16gb of ram (sort of) an FX6300, and an RX470. the case is trash which is why I will need a new one of those as well, I don't need to pay extra for glass panels but would still like a quality case. I might be moving to a 4K monitor sometime in the future, just something to keep in mind. Thanks to anyone who has thought/submissions on this topic.
  13. fabsiguy

    RIP Vessel

    My bad I’ll link the vid, btw the link is just how this form shows short vids users upload..
  14. fabsiguy

    RIP Vessel

    1:15:00 46859D05-4179-4888-8E75-AB4A4C609775.MOV
  15. LTT has doe sponsor spots for the MOS pack, they seem to like them. I think it has everything you listed. You can currently get them on Kickstarter.https://bit.ly/2zx41XJ
  16. Video (YouTube specifically) seems to be noticeably sharper and less blown out in the Microsoft Edge browser than in google chrome. Am I doing something wrong or dose Microsoft just have some sort of “magic sauce” that chrome dose not? I would like to continue using chrome but if the video is not as good that’s a deal breaker for me.
  17. My AIO died a couple moths ago so today I decided to take it apart to see what went wrong. At first cutting the tube a green liquid fell out followed by a bronze colored liquid. When I took off the copper plate there were many small peices of plastic resting against the fins. My guess at this point was that something had shadered the pump. Upon further inspection the pump seemed fine and was in great condition. Maybe the plaice cloged the pump? I would love to get your guys opinion on what exactly might have gone wrong.
  18. maybe.... did not really mean to make it sound pronominal I was just really impressed with the fan......... that's the only place I could find that sells it.
  19. If anyone is looking for a POWERFULL fan on the cheap and does not care much about noise at high RPM, this fan is great! I have one that came out of a server from 2001 so reliability is no problem. I can say that I have not personly felt a fan blow quite as much air as this one does. At only $16.50 it seems to be a pretty good deal. http://www.buyqual.com/nmb-12038-4715kl-04w-b39-12v-0-72a-3wires-cooling-fan.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi-Wqzr2r2QIVHLXACh3IZww6EAAYASAAEgJzdfD_BwE
  20. Lol Apple incerting adds into random video players, somehow I dought they would risk the outrage.... who knows?
  21. That is the same player that it always uses on my iPhone, witch I got a couple weeks ago so I sought it has any “malware”.
  22. I’m running the latest version of safari on my IPhone 8 Plus. I don’t have any extension that I know of.