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    Failing at uni


  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming
  • RAM
    2x2+2x4GB DDR3 Corsair XMS3 1600MHz
  • GPU
    Radeon RX Vega 64
  • Case
    Some cool looking cooler master case
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 Pro 248gb + 6yr old 1TB WD hdd
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000x
  • Display(s)
    AOC 24' Freesync 144Hz
  • Cooling
    Combined loop of 2x pumps, 240mm rad, 280mm rad for CPU+GPU
  • Keyboard
    Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. TE
  • Mouse
    Logitech G700s
  • Sound
    Corsair RGB USB 7.1
  • Operating System
    The latest Windows OS

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  1. Hello, does anyone know if I void my warranty on the EK-RES X3 if I run the computer without connecting the reservoir diagnostic cable?
  2. Since you mentioned 0.25Hz or 5Hz, are you sure you're not changing the Base Clock? Iirc base clock also changes the speed at which South And North Bridges run, (RAM too?). I bumped my MB 5 years back from 100Hz to 120Hz and the thing never booted on its first attempt ever again. If you go with the default settings, disable turboboost and set the ratio of all cores to a little below turboboost speed, does it still crash?
  3. Generally, the licenses are for one machine, which Microsoft defines as a few changes. What changes they count as too much isn't really common consensus yet, probably to Microsoft's benefit. Many state that a Mobo+CPU+RAM change is too much, but I did all of that and changed both storage units, given I did boot up the computer before swapping the storage to give windows a possibility to report back. The reactivation itself was seamless, I don't even have a Microsoft account but they still managed to track me well enough to let me reactivate without issue. Simply installed W10 and that's that. When I did a similar upgrade for my mate two years prior, (MB+CPU) the activation failed. So I guess they've either gotten better or it's a matter of luck and increasing your chances. If you have a bought copy, that is to say you got a piece of paper somewhere with your CD-key and not just the one people got for free when they upgraded their pirated W8s to W10, the Microsoft chat support seemed eager to help.
  4. The G512/G513 keyboard really pleases my eyes both aesthetically and functionally, however I have a question Google couldn't answer for me. Logitechs videos of the keyboard show that games like battlefield 5 and KC:D can reflect some information in the lightning, such as BF5 showing health on the F1-F5 buttons. However I doubt anyone actually bends their neck to watch their health or to see if they have any grenades left. My friend tells me that these are simply reported to G HUB and you can choose yourself how to represent them, so can one make the whole keyboard into a health bar so we can see it in our peripheral vision? TL:DR Can G Hub be configured to RGB in-game stuff?
  5. As soon as I started WireShark the trojan dissapeared. I can't seem to start up the miner manually either. This might be the end of this short lived experiment. Revisiting above sites gave me no new copy of the files. However this here showed me that the winlogui was not in fact the malicious code, but just a piece of the puzzle, possibly some abused microsoft code. Marked .dll file no longer exists. UPDATE: Neither Recuva nor EaseUS Data Recovery could find a trace of the .dll file, so whatever removed it, did so well. I'll be reinstalling the system now. I'll need it tomorrow. Three lessons can be learned here. First, while Windows Defender totally and irreparably disintegrated without notice, both Eset and Malwarebytes reacted to the virus. Secondly, do periodicly keep an eye on your computers activity. A modern computer does not spend half of it's capacity on browsing with one tab. And lastly, you need not download to catch a trojan, and you don't even have to visit shady sites. Even normal sites can inadvertently share malware.
  6. Heyo, yesterday was a quite offline day for me, had a barbecue and all but somehow, it appears I contracted a cryptominer trojan. Since my internet activity was almost non-existant yesterday this could prove to be an excellent opportunity to alert the right people and do some fun research of our own! I strictly reinstall the whole OS whenever I find one so it's not like I can wreck it more than what I already consider it is. So, what does it do? It utilizes about 50% of the CPU, and does nothing on the GPU. It also disregards any user activity, however it ceases immediately whenever sysmon or task manager is started and seems to have a delayed startup after that. This makes it almost impossible for unsuspecting users to find root it out, however after noticing said pattern twice this morning it became quite clear without a doubt what was happening so playing some whack a mole with sysmon I managed to find it, winlogui.exe. Oddly enough, I could not run a windows defender scan to find the virus either, which send my noggin' joggin' and sparked some interest. Investigation on the web confirmed it was a cryptominer and a malwarebytes scan shone further light on the subject. This explains why the defender was acting up. So then, when did I get this odd virus? Hmm, yesterday! Could it be one of the two files I downloaded? Possibly, but probably not. Could it had somehow broken through what we're told is impenetrable, our beloved web browser? Naaah, this browser history seems to innocent for that... Wait! There's a backdoor in that malwarebyte report! Ah, so maybe I've been helping DDoS kiddos from their fortnite games for a while and now they decided that my computer ought to mine some crypto while I'm at it? 11.40... So the backdoor and the trojan are connected, but the backdoor didn't lead to the trojan. Well, now I'm running out of leads... Scanning the devices connected to this LAN in the last 24 hours showed no related viruses either. Back to the browsing history I guess? We can assume Alphabet and Steam keeps their servers in check and aren't malevolent enough to spread this plague yet Before I delve into those sites, let's have a look at who we're mining for...
  7. Thank you for the response! Sorry, I meant 20cm. Sadly pre-made isn't an option since the hole is too small to fit the head - giggity. But I'm fine with buying a roll, since I have the necessary tools and pre-made 20cm unshielded cat6 cables go for 6 USD! This way I can save a few lunches and have perfect length cables whenever I need. I'm just not sure which one to choose Even if the pricing is the same?
  8. Regarding overall speed in a home environment and resistance to EMF and such. I need to pull 2dm of cable parallel to a 240V socket, ~2 dm away. A stupid place to pull cable, but seeing as there is already a hole in the wall I'd rather not make Swiss cheese out of it. And since pricing is stupid (1usd/m @ 100m vs 1.5usd/m @ 50m) I'll need to buy a whole roll of 100m, so I'm unsure which one to choose. Thoughts? P.S, since I only need 2dm of cable I'll be buying the one with multiple threads in each line, I don't know what they're named in English.
  9. Is there any gain to watercooling then? A 30$ 212 evo performs better than a 200$ AIO 55C is 6C cooler than a 90$ NH-D15
  10. That eisbaer 240mm review I posted a screenshot of is quite misleading. 7.2 delta C at 60W would mean my CPU should be running at below 30C on load. Somehow I believed 200$ of watercooling could accomplish that.
  11. The load should've been the same, however I'm back at 80C
  12. Maybe I should chill down a bit and let it settle in? That air bubble prolly got stuck in the rad now instead, didn't it?
  13. They are blowing the air out, although my case is open for now Been stressing it now for a while, 82C