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  1. Hey, I'm looking to buy a eufy genie, and with it I'm wanting to buy one or two Alex enable smart plugs, but I'm looking for the absolute cheapest smart plug possible, thanks for any help in advance. (UK shipping)
  2. Mariopr3


    Also, is there anything cheaper ;0
  3. Mariopr3


    Basically a tourist camera, pictures of people, places, ect.
  4. Mariopr3


    No offence but if you send that to MSI they will probally fall of their chair laughing. Please spell check it.
  5. Mariopr3

    First Camera

    As I said, Im inexperienced, I don't have a camera brand, this is my first camera,
  6. Mariopr3


    Hey, short question, Do you need a lense for this camera, if so what are the benefits and what is the cheapest decent one you can find, if not, what are the benefits of a lense and is it worth getting it for my first camera? https://store.canon.co.uk/canon-eos-m10-white-body/0922C041/
  7. Mariopr3

    First Camera

    These look good but neither of them ship to the Uk!!
  8. Mariopr3

    First Camera

    Hi, im one of LTTs younger viewers who enjoys taking photographs of random things on his phone camera. But my camera isnt that great, so im looking for a camera for beginners, with a good range of settings (but not too complicated!) and good image quality like 20 megapix+ and not to expensive! im talking 300 Max with acessorys and lenses. Thanks!
  9. Mariopr3

    Capture Card Recording

  10. Im looking for a cheap capture card that has a passthrough HDMI Cable that records directly to a usb/micro USB. Im not looking for anything more than 30 FPS 1080 P But im looking for as cheap as possible. It will be used for console and laptop recording - Dont bug me about the laptop it can handle most games - but not recording them. Thanks!
  11. Mariopr3

    Cheep Cheep!

    Still looking for help!
  12. Mariopr3

    Cheep Cheep!

    It's a APU.
  13. Mariopr3

    Cheep Cheep!

    How about this; Using some suggestions, Mashing them all together in one http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/BPKYVn
  14. Mariopr3

    Cheep Cheep!

    Would prefer not to buy stuff on eBay - Don't know where its been!
  15. Mariopr3

    Cheep Cheep!

    Is it possible to get basic stuff like a power supply? First comment was meant as a guideline