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  1. my budget is limited the jbl is a good option? from what i listed, those are what avalable in my area
  2. in the server room, cold
  3. hi i'm working on servers in our data center. the noise is loud i'm looking to buy active noise canceling headphons or earphones. now i'm working with my earphones (sennheiser momentum in ear free BT) and is still not comfortable as far as noise from the background i like clear and clean sound (my current headphone is shure srh 940). i know that the sound won't be as the shure, but this is the sound i like, "refrence" my options as far as price point and availability is: Cowin SE7 Max ANC Bluetooth JBL LIVE 650BTNC Motorola ESCAPE 500 Plantronics BackBeat GO 810 Bluetooth Cowin E9 ANC Bluetooth thank you dovi
  4. from israel. all the phones that available here, same as US prices, same too, sometimes even cheaper everything available. one plus, samsung, lg, pixel, motorola etc. loud speakers for youtube etc. she don't need stereo, just loud currently she using galaxy note 8, but the screen is broken, battery low and more. she want to upgrade she need 256GB, the galaxy note 8 64GB is not enough. the ram, she is not power user. just whatsapp, youtube and web. the note 8 6GB ram is good enough so to summary, 256, loud sound more than the galaxy note 8 for music and lessons
  5. hi i need to buy smartphone for my sister, with this parameters: 1. android 2. good speaker (better then galaxy note 8 ) 3. without curve edge (for durability reasons) 4. good amout of internal memory (256GB) 5. manufatur like samsung/LG/another like it, not xiaomi or huawei 6. budget, not caviar phone price, up to 800USD or so i'm using galaxy note 10+, and the speaker is loud enough. thank you
  6. hi i have Galaxy note 8. my phone screen broke. to fix it it will cost me 230USD. i can buy galaxy note 10 lite for 530USD is there any different that worth the upgrade? my note 8 is working good for me. thank you
  7. what is best from this options? 1. XPG SX8200 Pro 2. kingston A2000 3. ADATA XPG SPECTRIX S40G 4. crucial P1 5. samsung 860 EVO 6. WD Blue 7. WD Black
  8. hi i have pc with MB Gigabyte X99-UD3 (with i7-5820K) i'm using today SSD Crucial MX100 2.5inch ssd i have on the motherboard m.2 slot for SSD can i install m.2 ssd pcie nvme (like intel 660p), or only m.2 sata ssd? thank you
  9. Currently we're trying to handle csv's with pandas and it is still RAM consuming issue. Is there an easier way to handle those files other than using dedicated programming (like C, RUST) or RAM increase?
  10. on the X299 platform, which CPU will support 256RAM? or do i hav to buy actual server? i do need fast single core cpu
  11. hi i need to build a system for big excel files. i curently use i7 7th gen and 32GB ram, and it is just stuck after 40 seconds the files is dozens of GB (10-50GB) as of today, i need a lot of ram and best cpu single core performance as possible i think about CPU i7-9800x (the different between 9th and 10th gen is minor) on Asrock X299 extreme 4 and 256GB ram (8X32GB) my questions is, do i7-9800x actually support 256 ram? any other option? just a note, i'm not working on this, the account manager is. ideas like "try open office/linux" etc won't work. the is what she need, she wont change how she work and not going to learn new softwares now one day she will, but not today i'm thinking for storage 2X Crucial MX500 2TB SSD. maybe 2 NVME drives? for raid 1 thank you!