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  1. When I stopped the fan the sound didn't stop. It sounds exactly like this Seasonic S12II 620.
  2. I bought a second hand pc a couple of days ago and I'm noticing a crackle coming from my PSU. Do I need to be worried about it? I've added an audio fragment. The PSU is a Seasonic S12II-520Bronze. Thanks in advance, Olivier WhatsApp Audio 2018-07-19 at 20.18.30.mp4
  3. Hello, I've recenently bought an Echo Dot and I've used it for things like turning my pc on through IFTT and turning my lights on via switches I bought on aliexpress. For my next project I want to controll my rollercurtains (see picture). The problem is that I have no idea what elektronics I should use. I want to spend a maximum of €30,- to controll my roller curtains. I only have a little experience programming games, but nothing elektronic. I have soldered before and I have people that can help me do the soldering. I also would like to use an raspberry pi zero w for this project because it's cheap and I can always salvage it for another project. My questions are: What elektronics should I use? And does anyone have a good tutorial on how I can fit everyting together and program it? (I live in the Netherlands and English is my second language)
  4. Thanks for the advise :). But is there a way to do this without moving a finger?
  5. I want my echo dot to play music form my server (for free). Is this possible? (I live in Europe)
  6. Olivier

    32LG5700 lines

    Hello, I have a problem, my 32LG5700 tv has vertical lines on the screen when I start it up. (It does go away after around 20 minutes.) How do I fix this? Thnx for the help.
  7. Hello, I want to play cod bo3 on my triple monitor set up. I've one LG 22MP65 21.5 inch and two Samsung S23B550V's 23 inch on the sides. Can I play it on all of them. If so witch program should I use?
  8. Oh, My download speed is 5 mbs and ping is 15ms
  9. From AMD A4 5300 to A10 5800K. GPU is GTX 750.
  10. I'm going to upgrade my cpu so I could player harder games and some more things. But I was wondering, if by upgrading my cpu I will be able to play bo3 on higher settings? Bare in mind that my internet is realy slow, just fast enough to play bo3. thnx for the help.
  11. I'm going to upgrade my processor and all the CPU's compatible with mine are APU's. My question is: if I have a graphicscard, do the internal-graphics help him or is it just trown away money?
  12. I asked on an other forum if they where compatible.
  13. I checkt it all out and it is the right one, so that is not a problem. Do I have anything else to worry oboat?