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  1. Zanderlinde

    Darwin PC GPU Updated

    Bananasplit - You could use just about anything, I've used a desk fan before, just get some air moving haha. Suchamoneypit - Its heavy as shit, why do you think I added handles on top;) Its pretty much indestructable though.
  2. Zanderlinde

    Darwin PC GPU Updated

    Hey guys. Well it took a while. But i got a few bucks together and got a used Asus GTX 780 to tide me over till the "1080" comes out. I've overclocked it and its running a nice 1054 Mhz. The used card had a broken fan though. It kept alternating between spinning and not spinning (only one of 2) And was making an annoying noise. Probobly damaged by the previous owner. So i took them off (replaced thermal paste while i had the card apart), and installed 2 120mm fans with elastic bands to the heatsink, which looks rediculous, but actually keeps it under 55 degrees in games. Pic of the keychain is whats remaining of my 980ti after I snapped it.
  3. You totally could have downloaded a reference schematic for the board, figured out what traces were next to that hole, figured out what components they connected, and then soldered in some jumper wires to re-connect things instead of snapping the card in half =P

    1. thebinderclip_


      Words cannot describe.. how terribly addled this guy is. This is definitely the most cringy thing I have seen here 

  4. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    P.S. I did read the instructions. Many times. There are four threaded holes with standoffs to connect the bracket to the card. One of those holes didnt have that standoff, and was WAY misaligned with the hole on the card. I installed the card initially and ran it without that bolt on. But my pc crashed when I opened any gpu intensive task. Which I finally figured out was because that missing bolt allowed the cooler to rise off the gpu on one corner, so it wasn't making contact. It would jump to 100 degrees then crash my monitor. This was the only solution I came up with. Next time, i'm just gonna call the manufacturer and ask.
  5. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    I'm of a d.i.y. nature. Usually I'm able to fix shit. Obviously this is a level above any rational person to try. But you live and you learn. Emphasis on the learn. Thanks for the mockery guys, keep it up
  6. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    That's what I posted here to find out. I don't think it was possible though. Thanks for the input everyone
  7. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    Because I'm sad?
  8. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    You were right about the layers. I booted the pc while holding a metal screwdriver in the hole to simulate soldering the hole shut. But it just started smoking. The card is F**ked
  9. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    The result of my frustration.
  10. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    I wish lol. These retail for $1000 in Vancouver. I got it second hand for 750.
  11. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    Ah. didn't occur to me at the time that the pcb was layered. Lesson definitely learned.
  12. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    Yup. Nothing to lose now. I'm gonna try to fill the hole with solder haha. If not, i'll go sell some organs so I can buy another one.
  13. Zanderlinde

    980ti Darwin Awards: Help

    I did something stupid, haha. Recently bought a Zotac 980ti Amp GPU. It worked fine. Gamed on it for a few days before realizing my processor sucked. So i switched my mobo to a z170 and i7 skylake. So here's what I did wrong. The heatsink for the Zotac card is huge, and doesnt fit in my custom case I made out of steel. So I bought a Corsair bracket to utilize a Corsair Hydro water cooler. One of the holes on the card didn't line up with the hole on the bracket. (Design flaw I think.) And the screw needs to be there, or else the card bends when you screw down the water pump to the card. So I masked off the card, and put it in my drill press and moved the hole just a tiny bit in. From what I can tell, I didnt drill through any circuits on the card. But now when I use the card on my brand new motherboard, The monitor won't boot. (keyboard and mouse both stay lit up, and the gpu fan is getting power) I know the board is fine, because I tested another gpu on it, and tested the 980ti on my friends board. (same problem). I realize that I probly broke it, Just looking for other possible scenarios. You can all mock me if you wish. Thanks! http://www.corsair.com/en-ca/hydro-series-hg10-n980-gpu-liquid-cooling-bracket