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  1. I just purchased my BenQ XL2420Z a couple of days ago. Can someone help me find out whether the firmware of my monitor is Version 2? I'm also having a hard time trying to register this monitor for warranty. BenQ's website doesn't really have any links that leads to product registration. The warranty reading material in the box is pretty much useless because is just tells me to go to www.benq.com
  2. It's actually fun. I just need a crew to roll with. I'm tired of getting raided by bandits lol.
  3. cvalencia

    Playing Rust

    I'm just wondering if any of you are playing Rust. Any interest in forming our own Rust community?
  4. Will the Sennheiser's 558/598 have an impedance mismatch with a card like Sound Blaster Z? I have a very limited knowledge when it comes headphone/soundcard matching when it comes to impedance. Will these two have any problems working with the Sound Blaster Z? Or should I just stick with the DT990's?
  5. USA. I usually shop online (Amazon, Newegg, NCIX). I prefer balance over bass-heavy headphones.
  6. I just received the Creative Sound Blaster Z SBX as a birth day gift. I really need help choosing a pair of cans for this sound card for gaming and music. I have a max budget of $299.99, but I would like to keep it around the 200's. I know that these type of sound cards require high impedance headphones.
  7. I have a budget of $ 150.00 - $180.00 for a new headset for my gaming PC. I narrowed it down to a Sennheiser HD558 + Mod Mic and the Sennheiser PC 360. I just want to know if there's a huge difference between the two when it comes to clarity, soundstage, etc. Are any better options for my budget?
  8. I will give this a try. Do I need to clear the CMOS to undo the automatic OC of my CPU (4-Way Optimization)?
  9. CPU Load Line Calibration at Level 8. CPU Core Voltage set to ADAPTIVE
  10. I just finished my first build 3 weeks ago. I have a i5-4670K, H100i, and an Asus Z87-Plus MoBo. I am quite new to overclocking so I decided to use Asus' 4-Way Optimization as a safe way of doing it. It was able to OC all the way to 4.7 Ghz. I then launched the Aida 64 stress test just to see if it's stable. The first few seconds went by and the voltage on my CPU went all the way up to 1.407 Volts! The way they described it in the YouTube video tutorial of the 4-Way Optimization, the core voltage should not go up more than 1.275 V. As you can from the image below, Aida 64 is telling that there's CPU Overheating due to the increase of voltage (1.407 volts!) I am quite lost guys. I really need help with this.
  11. Thanks for the links and video tutorials. They are very helpful. But should I use the Fallout Mod Manager instead of the Nexus Mod Manager? It is going to be a lot smoother and problem free to use the Fallout Mod Manager?
  12. I am quite new to playing PC games with mods and I really enjoy playing Fallout New Vegas. I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations for mods that will improve gameplay and graphics. PS. I have absolutely have zero experience when it comes to mods.
  13. THURN_N_TAXIS on Steam. I just finished by first gaming PC and I'm quite new on Steam and PC gaming in general. Most of my friends are console gamers so I don't have any online friends to play with. You guys can definitely add me. I am currently playing CSS, CS:GO, DayZ, Metro Last Light, Torchlight II, Left For Dead 2, and Chivalry Medieval Warfare. I am currently getting destroyed in DayZ because I'm still trying to figure out the controls while trying to survive lol.
  14. What would you recommend for a decent $49.99 sound card? I just finished my first build and I'm the onboard sound of my Asus Z87-Plus MoBo is horrible.
  15. Thanks for helping a noob out. I am quite new to PC building and electronics in general. Btw, do you guys know if the AX750 is validated for Haswell's C6 and C7 state?