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    PC gaming, that's why I'm here, right? I also enjoy playing Xbox, football (That's Soccer for you Americans), Gaelic Football (Irish Sport), and keeping fit in general.
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    Second level Student
  1. Hi, sorry I've forgot to check this in a while, I've put this project off until now when my birthday is coming up (That's why I've happened to return here.). No I haven't found anything, DIY seems to be your best option.
  2. Yeah, Maybe one in the U.K. is an option, it all depends on prices and shipping costs. I'll have a look around and see if I can contact a few different places. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Yeah, exactly! Seems like to only way to go. As far as I'm aware there are none, there's not enough demand here for such a thing, But I'll have a look into metalwork shops, ect. So, its a no for getting one online, Thanks for all your help! Such a great Forum Linus & Co. has got running here.
  4. Yeah, it would give a much nicer view, I'd be all up for modifying it myself, but I haven't got any of the right tools without making some sort of damage. The way my desk is set up I'd rather have it on the right side too.
  5. Hello, I've been looking around for about an hour now, with no luck, for a right-sided window panel for the BitFenix Prodigy. It would completely solve my problem on a different topic that I've posted here about a budget mATX case. I think a right sided panel would make perfect sense, seeing as with the left sided panel you only see the underside of your graphics card (I'm not posting here for someone the argue about it). I'm just wondering if anyone has ever seen one? It would also be perfect for me with the way my set-up is situated. And as far as I'm aware the panels each side aren't interchangeable with each other (Putting the left window on the right isn't possible). I'm not really interested on waiting for the Prodigy M, with no confirmed release date, and I don't really have the tools available to make a clean modification. This is about the only thing stopping me from getting the case, otherwise everything else it has is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance, Dean. Here's an example of the Left sided window, not really much of a view, is there?
  6. Thanks for all the help! Yeah, the Prodigy M would be perfect, but unfortunately there's no sign of a release date yet, not sure If I'll hold out! :unsure:
  7. That's good to know! Yeah, that's definitely the kind of case I'm looking for. Only fault I'd say is that its a bit plain, But you have to make sacrifices on a budget!
  8. Thanks for the reply, Sorry, the A30 isn't really my cup of tea, (I'm not sure if that saying is known outside Ireland or not!! :P ), and yeah the 350D is an option, but may be a bit too big for putting on top of my desk, and it's slightly pushing my budget (€110 plus shipping cheapest Irish stockist.) But thank you, I'm definitely going to consider it.
  9. *Sorry, Micro-ATX, Either mATX or mITX would do. silly Newbie, I know (At least I corrected myself before someone complained!)* Hello there! Having a bit of a problem, and I'm a big fan of Linus, and after looking around the forums, it looks great, plenty of great feedback. So that's why I'm asking here! I've recently attained a bit of money from a summer job, and I'm looking to improve the aesthetics of my gaming PC. I'd like a windowed Micro-ATX case that will sit nicely on my desk (I've got an ATX mobo, but I'm willing to get a mATX/mITX), but I'm not really willing to pay more than €100 ($130) for it. I'd be willing to pay a bit more if anyone can find a nice super-compact ATX case. I currently have a corsair 400r, its a great case, but I'd like a windowed side panel, and it takes up a lot of room on my floor beside my cumbersome desk. So I'd like a nice compact case that I can put on my desk for more space on the floor and more importantly show off my pride and joy! I've looked at the BitFenix prodigy, which would be the perfect case, but I don't like the way the motherboard is horizontal in it at all, and because the majority of what you can see in the window is the underside of your graphics card!! (A right sided window panel would be really nice, but I'm totally unaware of its existence, and I don't have the tools to mod it.) Any other nice looking Micro-ATX cases I've looked at have been too expensive (Corsair/SilverStone/Ect.) Thank you in advance!!