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  1. Vortez

    ALC1220 vs ALC892 for Edifier S350DB

    Ok thanks.
  2. Hi guys i have question about integrated audio is it worth to pay extra 58 euros for ALC1220 codec instead of ALC892 for Edifier S350DB 2.1 PC sound system. These are good quality speakers question is will i hear the difference in terms of sound quality between those two audio integrated codecs ? Thanks!
  3. Vortez

    Which speakers for PC ?

    I have question about pc speakers i need to decide which ones to buy.I need to upgrade from Logitech Z623 2.1 which has good bass but not the best highs and mids. So i'm looking for good balance between good bass and decent highs/mids.I have looked up for these PC speakers and absolute max budget is 300€. My room is relatively small.1. Edifier S350DB ~ 300€ 2. Edifier S530D ~ 230€ 3. Edifier R2730DB ~ 200€ 4. Edifier C3X ~ 165€ 5. Swans M50W ~ 180€Please help me with decision thanks!
  4. These thermal pads will be good enough ? Better than stock ones ? https://www.ekwb.com/shop/thermal-pad-g-2-0mm-120x24mm Thermal conductivity: 3.5 W/mK (+/-0.35) General dimensions: Type G (120 x 24 mm) Thickness: 2.0 mm Working Temperature: -55 ~ +200°C Hardness: 5 (Shore A) Elongation: 100% Specific Gravity: 2.6 g/cm3 (+/- 0.2) Flame Rating: V-0 Dielectric Breakdown Voltage: >4kV Volume Resistance: > 10^11 Ohm-m Main ingredient: Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) 85-95%
  5. I bought used video card and thermal pads are not in excellent condition.
  6. I need to change thermal pads.How thick thermal pads do i need for Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti cooler ?0.5mm to 2mm ? And which thermal pads are the best overall ? Thanks!
  7. Thermalright Macho Rev. B very good price/performance cooler.
  8. Vortez

    I7 8700 ~~ 80/90°C while playing// Go for NDH15?

    Just undervolt your cpu it will help a lot. In my case it's ~ 20C lower temperature.
  9. What do you think guys which of those monitors has the best image quality overall. And which monitor should i buy? There are no big difference in terms of price. - Asus PB278QR - Dell U2715H - Philips 272B7QPJEB
  10. Vortez

    Best IPS/PLS 27" 1440p 60Hz monitor for gaming.

    They are to pricey for me.
  11. Hi Guys! I can't decide which of those 27'' IPS/PLS monitors to buy what you think guys which is best/fastest 60Hz panel there in terms of response time and ghosting? Thanks!LG 27MB85R-BAsus PB278QRAsus PB278QDell U2715H
  12. Any thoughts about this situation ?