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    Daytona Beach FL
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    Computers, Filling out profile information.
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    Intel Core i5-3570
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    ASUS H61M-E
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
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    Lenovo H420
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    Samsung 840 EVO, Samsung 850 EVO
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    Cooler Master MPW-6001-ACAAN1-US Elite 600w Ver.3
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    Dell E2210Hc
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    Corsair Gaming K65
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    The default lenovo one.
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    SoundBlaster Z
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    Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04
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    Dell Inspiron 15 7567 laptop: Core i5-7300hq, 256gb ssd, 8gb ram + 1tb hdd, gtx 1050ti, 15.6inch

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  1. Thank you, I'll certainly find something here.
  2. Yesterday, my LG V20 that I've had for about a year and a half finally met the end of it's life. I'm quite a power user and the phone was already starting to "let go". The bluetooth would commonly just randomly crash from time to time. It recently started slowing down, also, taking high res, or long exposure photos would often just crash the camera app. I had an old G5 lying around that I'm using temporally (it's too small for me). Since Christmas is just around the corner, I need some guidance. I've tried a couple "Phone finder" websites but the results were underwhelming. I'm terrible at keeping remotes/keeping good batteries in them, so my upgrade needs an IR blaster. USB C good rear camera a recent android version be about the same size as the V20 Surely this exists, right?
  3. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I saw the term "Soldering Ribbon". I'm sure that will work for my needs. I need the solder for brass instrument repair.
  4. My dad told me of what seems to be an ancient and lost product. A product that may exist, but it has been lost in the folds of the google search. He told me about flat disks made of solder. Disks that were thin, like a coin shaped foil made of solder. You could put these disks in between two hot surfaces that you wished to solder together, apon cooling, they would be soldered together until the end of time... echos dramatically After searching for minutes and minutes on end, using terms like "soldering pads" "circular solder -wire" "soldering foil" "flat solder" "disks of solder" etc., I have yet to find anything. Do these exist? What are they called? Where can I find them?
  5. I've just had a thought. If what you're saying is true, then I'll try plugging my phone in to the computer, and using WiFi tethering, instead of the school Ethernet.
  6. I chuckled a bit when that site said Chrome has "low memory usage". I'll give those things a try.
  7. Exposition: In my band's music archive, we had a Dell Optiplex 990. Looking at the specs, this PC should have more than enough horsepower to run things like Chrome, Word, Musescore, and other simple applications like that. However, this PC easily took 10 minutes to boot in to windows, and struggled to do anything from there. My school district has all the computers locked down with an administrative password, They've done many other things to them to make them easier to monitor, and the school has a web filter as well. So, that means you can't Install new programs, change most windows settings, uninstall programs, go to sites like Facebook, Discord, or Instagram, or run windows troubleshooter (I'm sure there are many other things you can't do). To combat these issues, I decided to game end the school computer, and just bring my own Vostro 200. The Vostro works so much better, it's way more snappy, I put an SSD in it so it boots in seconds, and when I plug it in to the school's network, it works almost perfectly fine, without the network trying to butt-frick it. My problem is, I can't access any search engine. Problem: If I open chrome, and try to search for something, I get NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID and I'm stuck there. However, if I type in, say linustechtips.com, the browser has absolutely no problem. I tried getting to google through Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and even IE. They all say that there's a certificate problem or that hackers are trying to steal my data. I even tried to go to Yahoo, and Bing. This boggles me, since I can type in the URL to any other site and there's no issue, youtube.com works perfectly fine, but as soon as I try to search for something in a traditional engine, I have an issue. I also have an issue with Google Drive, I can open it, and look through my files, but I can't download anything. I theorize that it's the web filter. Perhaps, when it sniffs the packets, the computer detects that and it thinks it's a middle man trying to steal my information. I'm competent with computers, but not with networking, so that could be absolutely wrong. Anyone got ideas?
  8. Both. I got a driver installer off of the RICOH website, and it installed the specific driver, I also got the same driver from Windows troubleshooter, as well as a generic driver.
  9. I've half fixed the problem. Went to windows settings instead of Device Manger and pressed the +. A 2nd version of the printer showed up with the text "Printer, Scanner". After adding that, I can try to scan from it, but i just get another error.
  10. I have a RICOH MP C401 copier/scanner/printer connected via USB to a Vostro 200 running Windows 10. Problem is, Windows fax and scan and Adobe Acrobat refuse to detect the scanner. I can print to it perfectly fine, and I've downloaded all the drivers I can get. Any help? I'm aware dealing with printers can be obnoxiously difficult, but I'm hoping something can be done. I'm pretty literate with computers, so any info you need, I can supply.
  11. Thanks for the reply. @keskparane figured it out. I was not accounting for the resistance in my equation. The math works out when I do.
  12. @keskparane figured it out. While yes, RMS is different from Maximum output. A 25A fuse would still limit me to 300w. Still considerably less than the 450w minimum RMS listed, according to the equation I was familiar with. I was not accounting for the 4 ohm resistance of the speaker bringing my required apms down considerably.
  13. I have never seen this form of Ohm's law. Thank you, this was driving me 'round the bend.
  14. Possible. I need to put a Multimeter on it.
  15. Reguardless, 35A is a far cry from the 100A I would expect it to have.