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  1. Assassin56

    Homemade desktop Case

    Thank you very much!
  2. In the video "Ultimate space-saving pc" Linus builds a computer under a desk and uses standard motherboard standoffs screwed into small little brackets in the wood of the desk. He never said exactly what they were and what they are called and I want to use them in my homemade case for my already existing desktop
  3. Assassin56

    Intel cpu

    Does anyone know what Linus said "is the the intel cpu is all you need for gaming" ? I can't remember what video he said it in. I feel like it was the wan show
  4. Assassin56

    Direct X 12 update

    it's okay, thanks though.
  5. Assassin56

    Direct X 12 update

    no. i haven't installed any new hardware in months.
  6. Assassin56

    Direct X 12 update

    is there anything i can do?
  7. Assassin56

    Direct X 12 update

    yes. i don't understand why its saying that
  8. Assassin56

    Direct X 12 update

    well because an update came out a few months ago and it said i needed direct x 12 and im sure its downloaded iv updated the drivers again today and it still says i need direct x 12
  9. Assassin56

    Direct X 12 update

    I was wondering if there is anyway to update an evga geforce gtx 960 2gb ssc from direct X 11 to direct X 12 so i can play Forza Horizon 3 again.
  10. Assassin56

    Using Bose QC35 headphones on PC/PS4

    I have a brand new set of Bose QC35 headphones. i love using them on my phone and would love to use them as a gaming headset on my pc and or ps4. ive been trying to get the audio to come into my headphones via Bluetooth or the skype chat i do with my freinds either at the same time or one at a time. but i cant get any audio to come in for some reason no matter what i do. i will be using an antlion mod mic 5 eventually and that will be my mic. its also connected to my ps4 and says its there but no audio comes in. does anyone know how to solve these problems?
  11. Assassin56

    Move files to other hard drives

    explain please
  12. i have a 1tb hard drive that i use for all my files. id like to keep only my games i have downloaded on it and transfer my other files such as Microsoft word and other programs onto another hard drive. How can i do this aside from copy and paste?
  13. Assassin56

    windows 10 migration to SSD

    i have a 1tb western digital blue hard drive with windows 10 and about half of it filled. id like to move only windows 10 to an ssd and use that for only a boot drive. I'd also like to move some programs off my 1 tb hard drive to my 500 gb hard drive and use the 1tb for games only and the 500 gb for school programs. does any one know a simple easy way to do this without losing all my data?
  14. Assassin56

    Antlion Audio ModMic

    is there an adapter for the mic to work on the ps4 dualshock controller
  15. Assassin56

    Antlion Audio ModMic

    is there anyother way to power that specific mic