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  1. yes, that is the problem I have encountered. so it looks like I may have to try a clean install...
  2. how can I unlock it without the password? I think there might be some old files that I can't find anywhere else. it is running windows 7.
  3. no, it appears to be sandisk Edit: I just double checked and it does appear to be a Samsung NVME, is that a problem?
  4. it is compatible with windows 10 (but it seems incapable of running any of the windows 10 updates past 1607, or the major update that was released in july of 2016, there have been 2 updates since then, the latest being 1709)
  5. not yet, that is the only thing I haven't tried yet that I could think of, I just didn't want to go through the hassle of backing everything up and then reinstalling all of my programs...
  6. So, I created a post about this a few days ago, but I feel that there is enough new info to warrant a new post. About a week ago, windows update assistant installed itself on my computer and started attempting to update me to the newest version of windows 10 since I am more than 2 versions out of date now. Unfortunately, every time it tries to update me to 1709 the update fails, usually with no error message, it just simply fails. I have tried doing a manual update with the download from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 but that failed as well, and blue screened upon restart, the blue screen was able to be resolved by going to the BIOS and just going to save and exit, however the update still failed. After trying all of these solutions on my own, I contacted windows support last night, I am not entirely sure what they did, but they were also unsuccessful in updating me past 1607. They pointed me to this page https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1013416/, which seems to indicate that my computer (ASUS ROG GL502VS-DB71) which was purchased in october of 2016 is not compatible with the latest version of windows. Could someone here please give me any suggestions or try to explain to me why a computer with an intel i7-6700 HQ and enough space on the SSD could be almost instantly incompatible with any later versions of windows (it hasn't been compatible with either version since I purchased it)? I tried contacting ASUS support, but they didn't seem to understand the issue I was having and were telling me to try installing it again.
  7. so, microsoft recently somehow installed the windows 10 update assistant on my computer (I don't remember installing it) and it has been downloading updates every single day for nearly a week now. I checked it out and it seems to be legit, but for some reason it doesn't seem like it is actually successfully installing the update. This is the screen it is currently giving me, but I am pretty sure it has done this several times before. could someone please help me out here? I went to the windows site and downloaded the exe to manually install the new update, but it just took me back to this... I have scanned it with malwarebytes and avast and they both came back clean.
  8. I know it released in the UK last month, but all I can find for the US is "Autumn". I will be visiting family in the US in late October and was wondering what you guys think the chances are of it being released there by that time. I live in Israel, so buying it here is not really an option (due to price and the fact that it just isn't available)
  9. in what terms? I mean I know that if you have way too little storage an SD card won't help since large portions of many apps have to be on the internal memory, but is there some other reason?
  10. So I am planning on getting a new phone for myself in the next month and have decided to get the Motorola Moto G5 plus, but I can't decide if it is worth paying an extra $70 USD to upgrade, the only differences are the storage and the RAM, the $229 phone has 32/2 GB and the $299 phone has 64/4 GB. I don't generally use my phone for particularly intensive apps, but I made the mistake last time of buying a cheaper phone and it not meeting my needs (then again that phone was only $120 so...). Anyway, what do you people suggest?