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  • Birthday 2002-08-20

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    Gaming and PC Tinkering
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    Hi, Im Miran but I like the name Meeran (Meeee-ran) Im a gamer and I like derping with PC's
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    Nothing m9


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    Intel i7-4770
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    Gigabyte Z87M-D3HP
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    EVGA GTX 760
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    2.128 TB
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    Seasonic 80plus gold
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    Asus mx... and 10yr old HP
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    Fan cooling (Stock)
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    Razer Blackwidow
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Windows 10

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  1. i looked around and to my surprise, i have the box to literally everything but that... i would upgrade to the new 10700k but the cpu alone is like 1000$ in new zealand but would u say its possible for my CPU and Powersupply to die but not Motherboard?
  2. Hi!! A few days ago i made a post about how my computer wouldn't turn on but motherboard lights would work. I didn't have a spare PSU to test if my PSU was broken, so i took it back to the store i initially bought my computer from and they came back to me saying my CPU and my power supply is broken but not my motherboard... I dont know if that makes sense or if theyre just trying to rip me off. Is it possible for the CPU to get broken by the PSU but not the motherboard? Have they potentially swapped my cpu with a faulty one just to say my cpu was broken so i have to buy a new cpu from them? My specs were i7 7700K Asus Maximus Hero IX EVGA Supernova G1 powersupply 1070ti Thanks! Any help is appreciated!
  3. i dont have any i can swap it with but u reckon its psu? because the like led lights on the motherboard are on it just wont turn on
  4. ive tried with no ram, one ram and then two ram and still nothing i have taken out and plugged in my gpu a few times but the problem is its not like it wont like show video, the computer just wont even turn on
  5. Hey!! So my computer randomly switched while i was doing homework last night it was all of a sudden too, i wasnt do anything intensive or anything. Now it wont boot, when u push the power button on the motherboard the fan like almost spins and a light on the case flashes but then its off again, there is no qq code to show me what the error is either, I've tried taking out my gpu and replugging in all my cables, ive turned on and off my psu 10 times tryina fix it and that didnt nothing either. i dont know what the issue is and id greatly appreciate if someone could maybe point me in the right direction for what part could be causing the issue. My spec list is i7 7700k Asus maximus hero ix GTX 1070 ti 32GB ram EVGA 550 watt gpu I've had this computer for a few years and i havent changed any parts in like the last 12 weeksish so i dont know what the issue could be :(
  6. Hello, My issue is that my ASUS Maximus Hero IX's intel lan port is broken. I dont have any way to check it, but its my best guess. When i plug in my lan cable on windows it says "Identifying" and doesnt stop identifying and keeps trying to but seems to fail. I know its not the router ive changed 2 routers. I know its not the cable ive tried another cable. I have no idea what to do! SOMEONE HELP PLSSS
  7. Wait I dont under stand can you please explain.
  8. Hey, Yea i was looking into buying the 950 Pro But use it as my OS Drive.
  9. Hey! Im making a custom built gaming pc for gaming streaming and recording, I will streaming some hardcore files that will require alot of power. And the computer will need to be quiet fast and be able to be on for more than 9+ hours a day. I made something my self on part picker; http://nz.pcpartpicker.com/list/nTF7wV My budget is like $4000 NZD Around there. So 2900 USD. Around there its not set in stone just anything close to that So if you can help me with anything or have any advice of what to change or just anything please comment it. it would be appreciated Thanks