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    Fucking nerd.
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  1. Right-click Computer and choose Manage In the window that opens choose Services and Applications/Services In the new window double-click on the Service name 'Adaptive Brightness' and disable it and Stop the service OK your way out and see if that makes a difference.
  2. Reinstall your OS. I had to do that basically.
  3. If I was aware of the name I would've told you. Then put your old gpu back in and see if the problem still persists.
  4. Why did you touch the fan? Also should be covered if you tell them it just stopped working.
  5. Have you replaced any parts in this system? Is this a new build? Any windows updates on the current build recently?
  6. A different drive cloning program because I have had cases where acronis has bricked my entire file system.
  7. Hotels usually provide the password in the hotel rooms because it is easier to distribute multiple networks attached to one enterprise router rather then setting up several hundred routers. This is what I have seen from hotels.
  8. Check if the LAN Port on the router isn't switched off in its UI.
  9. Try to test the GPU into the 2nd 16x PCIe slot.Try to use a different display output port from the GPU, if you have that capability. Try to search online for new BIOS update for your specific GPU model. Sometimes manufacturers release new GPU BIOS updates in order to increase compatibility with old hardware.
  10. Have you altered the resolution in any way in the windows settings? Like resolution change/scale
  11. Have you tried referring to this thread? https://steamcommunity.com/app/485510/discussions/0/1482109512307867396/