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  1. The XT is better at constant write speeds and some cameras only use it.
  2. For my new computer I had 2 choices in mind for SSD's. One of the choices is the Samsung 850 Pro SSD and the other is the Corsair Neutron XT. Over all the XT shows better read/write speeds and is a more reliable SSD but with a hefty price. The Pro has more storage for price but has worse read/write speeds. If I get the Pro, I was going to get 2 1TB for $428 each. If I get the XT, I was going to get 2 960GB's for $500 each. Pro XT Read: 498 514 Write: 466 487 4kRead: 31 31.6 4kWrite: 83.3 78.7 Mixed: 481 459 4kMixed: 33.8 15.4 http://strawpoll.me/6874202