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  1. Suggestions for long term storage of mass amounts of pictures and video archives? Reading most of the threads it appears to be buy a cost effective $/gb hdd but I wondered does it make a difference considering it will be stored in an unpowered environment? Like chilling in a box for long periods of time almost forgotten? Thanks
  2. I on't mind rooting the device. I've learned more since that seems to indicate the files are still there and just not indexed.
  3. Yeah our license for a $500 one just expired. I really just need a few photos lol. I'm not above trialing 2-3 times for 1 jerb lol.
  4. I'm attempting to recover lost data (pictures) from a phone via a data cable to a PC. (from HDD on board -- not removable micro SD) I do not believe these have been overwritten so a recovery software should hopefully do the trick. I wondered what suggestions you all have for me before I take shots in the dark. Thank you for all suggestions - Best, Inadaizz
  5. inadaizz

    Software to test HDD life/quality

    ♥ LTT forums for these instant replies. I'm at work and this is my task right now. Really nice to have an answer right now XD. I appreciate you all.
  6. inadaizz

    Software to test HDD life/quality

    lol I'm in this all the time. Somehow never noticed tht bit. TY for reply.
  7. I need to use a software to test HDD's I have marked as bad to have something to point to besides my ear and intuition to show a stack of HDDs are bad. Anyone recommend a software? These HDDs are going to be hooked up by a docking station. Some lack OSs etc but I was told to test them and have a 3rd party software agree with my assessment. Just wondering what people would recommend. Thanks!
  8. The goal: I would like my media keys to function when I'm tabbed into a game. I imagine a world where I can have tv on in the background (2nd or 3rd monitor)while I game and with a click of my play/pause button stop vlc playback during the cut scene. Currently the media keys only work if I have the VLC window selected. Keyboard: Cooler-Master Storm Devastator. Mediaplayer: VLC
  9. inadaizz

    Macbook Air stuck on load screen with logo

    mac is the worst lol. Okay so I fixed it by booting into safemode, doing some updates which then rebooted back into spinwheels, -> boot back into safemode and it gives me the option to upgrade to Mojave and BOOM it works... like WHY DID THIS WORK?!!?!?! It's going to take awhile for me to formulate a decent troubleshooting process with this garbage lol. Co-worker "mac is great because it gives you the new OS for free" Me: Mac is Sh*t because it locks devices out of OS updates that actually have good enough hardware to do so.
  10. inadaizz

    Macbook Air stuck on load screen with logo

    Lacking an addition mac at the moment I'm able to boot into safe-mode and I'm running updates and hoping it just does the thing and boots normal like after lol.
  11. inadaizz

    Im not sure If my WIFI has been hacked

    What is ur modem model #? I'll fetch you a YouTube walk thru.
  12. inadaizz

    Macbook Air stuck on load screen with logo

    Yeah I am a Windows tech who b*tches every time a mac comes in until it leaves. I will see if I can obtain the iso via another trash mac and try this. Thank you!
  13. inadaizz

    Im not sure If my WIFI has been hacked

    nah factory reset. windows button -> cmd (and open command prompt) -> ipconfig -> look for default gateway (usually and type it into a browser. -> log into modem username and password are usually admin / password, admin / admin, admin / blank etc you can look this up online specific to your model and then once logged in you can factory reset in one of the sub-menues. Probably advanced tab. This will reset your modem to be like the day you obtained it so ur wifi name and password will reset (see sticker on modem for password or use ethernet cord to change to desired settings). And actually there is probably a reset button on the modem that would do it now that I think about it lol.... but there is nothing wrong with some learning.