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  1. so there's nothing about the UEFI compatibility with my GPU?
  2. My laptop has an Intel Core i5-3210m with 8gb of System RAM My computer has an integrated HD 4000 graphics and it also has a discrete AMD Radeon HD 7600m GPU each of them has 2gb VRAM. My computer is an HP Pavilion G6-2276sx It has the latest version of windows and drivers, my problem is why does my system perform minimally in games even though switchable graphics is turned on in the Graphics settings on windows and on the AMD Catalyst Settings? and in addition, my GPU is not accessible entirely. Using GPU UserBenchmarks it said that my discrete GPU was inaccessible. In games, I knew that the Intel Graphics was only working because it is terrible. Is it because my Windows is in UEFI Mode even though my GPU doesn't support UEFI? Or because I just need to replace my drivers with old ones from the manufacturer so it has better compatibility? ( I don't want to change any drivers yet because AMD latest drivers are a pain in the ass to find because my card is relatively old and because its drivers is only available on Windows 8, not 8.1 and that's too old) Or something could be wrong in my settings?