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    Intel Core i7-2600 3.4 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Z77 Extreme4
  • RAM
    12 Gigs of DDR3 Ram (unknown brand, very old)
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 390 Nitro
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    1.2 TB
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    850 W Gold rated EVGA
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    dell 1080P display monitor
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    7 case fans and stock CPU cooler
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    corsair K63
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    Eblue Cobra
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    Realtek HD audio manager
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    Windows 10 64 bit

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  1. R9 390 nitro issue

    So i got it to work, shut pod the computer and have out a decent push into the motherboard and it works now... must have gotten unseated somehow?
  2. R9 390 nitro issue

    which to me is strange since typically gpus shouldnt stop displaying when they aren't cleaned for a while...and by awhile i mean like less than a month.
  3. R9 390 nitro issue

    nothing really of note, its had this problem in the past but i usually clean it and it works fine again
  4. R9 390 nitro issue

    Hmmmm so i successfully removed all amd drivers but when i try and reinstall it pops up with this
  5. R9 390 nitro issue

    so clean and restart, install new drivers, restart again with hdmi plugged into the gpu?
  6. R9 390 nitro issue

    Is ddu a program?
  7. R9 390 nitro issue

    also it seems like it goes through a different driver now and it did recently update like, yesterdya which is when i started having issues...? however when i try to install the drivers it says it doesn't detect any AMD hardware???
  8. R9 390 nitro issue

    Should i just reinstall the drivers?
  9. R9 390 nitro issue

    When i bring up the drivers for amd all i get is this so maybe this is why?
  10. R9 390 nitro issue

    Hey guys so basically I've recently been having this issue where my graphics card spins up on boot however it doesn't post. I've tried everything i can think of like pushing the switch to toggle uefi, cleaning out thoroughly, reseating it. I have a 850 watt evga 80+ gold power supply so power shouldn't be an issue. Mobo works fine because the hdmi displays from the mobo, just not the gfx card. Any suggestions?
  11. CPU Picking Help

    So basically I should probably just wait for a processor? At first i was looking into amd because they were cheap and seemed like really good processors but then saw that their core efficiency and threading weren't as good as intel and didn't perform as well in benchmarks making them not as good per core as intel.
  12. CPU Picking Help

    The only reason i ask is because ive noticed a lot of bottle necking on some games, such as witcher 3, fallout 4, and some others i only get 40 fps on ultra where on a 8 gig vram card i should be getting more than that. So i assume it must be my processor. or bad optimization....
  13. So I've upgraded my computer with a r9 390 nitro but kept my stock intel i7-2600 cpu and i want to upgrade to a better more efficient processor for modern gaming and possibly be a little future proofing. anybody have any recommendations? because processor picking seems a lot more complicated than GPU shopping and there are waaay more things in place to decide performance.