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  • CPU
    AMD ryzen 1600x 4.0 oc
  • Motherboard
    asrock x470 taichi
  • RAM
    2 8 gig sticks gskill trident rgb
  • GPU
    gigabyte RTX 2070
  • Case
    thermaltake view 71
  • Storage
    1 TB samsung 860 evo ssd
  • PSU
    850 W Gold rated EVGA
  • Display(s)
    dell 1080P 60 HZ display monitor
  • Cooling
    3 140mm thermaltake riing 14 fans, thermaltake riing 360 AIO cooler
  • Keyboard
    corsair K63
  • Mouse
    Corsair rgb mouse
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 home premium 64 bit

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  1. Tested the psu, it works, tested it with only mobo and cpu plugged in, whole computer booted up. Plugged in the sata, the issue cropped up again. So it's definitely the ssd, any fixes that you guys know of? It's not a old ssd, about half a year old Samsung evo 860 1tb.
  2. So i think it might be a bricked psu, turned it on its side aaand check to see if the fan on the psi would spin up, nothing. Will check some other stuff but what do you guys think
  3. So just tried out both ram sticks, one then the other on their own, nothing, tried no ram, nothing. Tried running off integrated graphics, nothing. Mobo lights are on though...?
  4. Unlikely since it was working completely fine for months, it literally turned off while i was in the shower lol built this pc last December aaand has worked flawlessly since but i will test it regardless
  5. As an update gotta go to work so when i get back I'll try to do some more in depth maintenance. See if i can figure it out but any suggestions are helpful.
  6. Yea i did a full power reset, unplug and holding power button, all that jazz, helped it "boot" further for the first time around but still no full post or error code from mobo
  7. Exactly i was away when it powered itself off...
  8. So i was using my computer, went away to get ready for work i come back and the computer is powered off and won't reboot, the peripherals and mobo are getting power because the rgb is on, but when i hit the power button the fans momentarily spin up and then nothing, no error codes or anything. Advice?
  9. he got a gtx 1060 and we tried his old card and it works, he did make sure to plug in the vga cable and monitor into the gpu itself and not the mobo, so we think its a dead card and hes gonna get it RMAd.
  10. so update, we got it working and a new bios installed, we ended up using onboard groaphics with no gpu inserted and it booted into windows and we got a new bios version installed, now hes using his new gpu and there no post code error but the gpu fans arent spinning and there is no display, but it powers on.
  11. found out his motherboard is a gigabyte b75m-d3v
  12. we also tried going back to the old ram and old gpu, no luck there. havent tried the old psu but i dont think that would be the issue since it was a really old crappy psu in the first place and wasnt even enough to power his old components, the fact that he was even able to use his pc the way it was was a miracle.
  13. so my buddy just upgraded his computer, new gpu, new ram and a new psu, psu worked but he got continuous post code beeps and no actual post but power was being supplied to the system, his grandpa told him to reset his bios so he did and now nothing works, he gets a splash screen but after it goes through the post code he gets a black screen, he has a gigabyte board unknown model, and he get a 4 beep post code error. any suggestions?
  14. OHHH i just figured out that must be the VRM temp...my bad guys, problem solved
  15. im sure it is, the bios says its running full speed and its set to the correct setting, plus when i started the pc up for the first time it made a gurgling sound and then went quiet.