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  1. Anymore possible submissions??? Please?
  2. Thank you very much. Maybe I need to make a bigger project and redo this post. I figured that the 1800x would blow the pants off my 4 core, but mine was faster. :\ I am looking forward to the 6700k and 4770k as well! Thanks again for trying this out for me. You're a hero.
  3. Well, can someone WITH a legit version of the software please run this for me. I would really like to know!!
  4. Based on the Passmark score of that cpu you should be quite faster than my main rig! I'm curious to see your response! Thank you!
  5. Really? Nobody has/is willing to do this? This is the LTT forums for christ sake!
  6. Hello, the purpose of this post is so that I can see how my i5 4670k compares to the Ryzen 1700,1700x, and 1800x. I am looking to upgrade to ryzen, but I haven't been able to find someone who has a render benchmark of adobe media encoder and has actually shared the project files. I have an i5 4670k and I am looking at getting a ryzen 1700, but I need some help from the community. Here is what you do. 1. Download the project files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s477g2q0o0p8uvd/Dell Touchscreen.zip?dl=0 2. Open the project file 3. Select all the media 4. Click File > Export > Media 5. Follow the export settings that are dictated here. https://s2.postimg.org/nd2nes5uh/Capture.jpg The setting is just the Default preset for exporting to youtube 1080p 6. Click Queue - this will bring it over to Adobe media encoder 7. Click the play button in AME to begin the render 8. Once finished, click File > Show Logs 9. Scroll down to the bottom and look for the Render time 10. Reply with your CPU and render time Anyone may participate. I am just looking for some rough numbers. I don't care about what your GPU is or if you use CUDA acceleration or not. Just post your CPU and your time, thank you. Here are my times for my two machines. i5 4210h - 3:27 i5 4670k - 0:52 Here is a short video guide that I made to show how to do the test. https://youtu.be/JaYIJqj9QXg Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you in advance for all the help!
  7. I haven't done any testing at all yet. All I know is that rufus and programs like it only shoot removable media as possible targets to make bootable.
  8. Thanks I'll remove it and post it there. I was looking for turning the SSD into an OS Installer
  9. I MOVED THIS PLEASE DELETE First off, this is my first post and I'm not sure where to put this. I figured this was as good a place as any. My goal is to make my extra small 80gb ssd that i have laying around into a bootable drive to install future fresh installs of windows (or any OS) on, kinda like a USB drive, but with the SSD. I have searched on google, but no matter how many "specific" searches, keywords, or anything that I use... all the links are troubleshooting why an ssd isn't booting into windows Has nobody bothered to make an SSD into a faster equivalent of a USB boot drive. So, how do you do this? Make the SSD a boot drive like a USB drive? Best, Michael.
  10. Thank you all for replying. FAQBytes - I've got cooling covered. With those other chips I'd need a new mobo costing even more money. I realize there are better options, but this one is only costing me 60 bucks for the whole server box lol. Thanks for your input. Djole123 - I'm not worried about power consumption, just render time. Paddy-stone - I'll be using Vegas Movie Studio Hd Platinum 11.0 I'm not sure on their methods. Well... I was also thinking of splitting it up into two individual server with 2 of the xeon chips i mentioned, but that would put their performance even below the i5. Thank you for everyones input. I guess I'll keeping looking for a better deal.
  11. Alright I've got a good one. I'm planning on building a dedicated rendering machine to render all of my video content. What I mean by rendering so people don't get confused is taking a large uncompressed video file format and using a video editing program to compress it down and render it as a new, smaller video. Now my question is this. Will I be better off building a desktop with a single cpu lets say i5 4670k with 4 cores at 3.4 ghz OR would I be better off getting an older server mobo and cpu and going with 4 xeon X7350 The reason I ask this is because I can get the server stuff REALLY cheap and the i5 I'd have to purchase outright. I'm not concerned about price. What I am concerned about is rendering time. So, will the i5 perform better by rendering my projects faster with its newer 22nm technology or will 4 OOOOOOOOld 65nm xeons perform better? No gaming will be done on this machine. Strictly rendering. Thank you. The reason I have to ask this is I've found no rendering benchmarks for the xeons.
  12. Well, save power! I don't always game and render things! Sometimes I just want to browse.
  13. Oh, another thing. What if I underclock?? by decreasing the multiplier? Will that cause system instability?
  14. Yeah I have a highend liquid cooling system thats why I stated cooling isnt an issue. I don't plan on doing an insane overclock, just enough to get a little extra "uhmph" out of my cpu for free. Thanks y'all.
  15. Awesome! All I want is a slightly faster clock and to be safe Thanks guys! My first post and it was answered in record time haha.
  16. Ok that answers my question. But if I want just a basic safe overclock I can steadily increase the multiplier alone and be safe correct?
  17. Well that didn't answer my questions. Will only increasing the CPU multiplier wreck(damage) my hardware.
  18. Alright because I haven't seen this anywhere else. I have a quick question. If cooling isn't a problem: Will just changing the cpu multiplier cause my hardware to break? I am talking just changing the multiplier, NOT THE VOLTAGE or anything else. All that with cooling being a nonissue. Will changing just the cpu multiplier wreck my hardware if cooling is a nonissue. Thank you. I did not find this answer anywhere else. People haven't asked this specific question.