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  1. so i have been having issues with BSOD with a HAl.dll missing file or something,and now i get a issue with precision X. when win10 boot up and I login i get this message for precision X, see image i tried to re-install and get same message. does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. hey guys I am really confused why every time i DL something from Epic games , like Fortnite update, or Iracing update from iracing.com, my DL is supper slow. sometimes as slow as .5mbps I am paying for Comcast 75mbps internet speed. see images during a recent update of fortnite just 2 hrs ago. during the update I did speed test from Chrome and got average of 25mbps, but the DL speed of fortnite was like max of 2.5mbps? is something slowing down my DL or something in my PC not set correctly?
  3. i consider my self almost a advanced user. I have built 3 gamer rigs all by myself including this one, and pretty software/ hardware tacky. but this has got me!
  4. hi so I keep getting bsod. I read my dumpfile. It shows hal.dll file issue. How can I repair this
  5. i have not checked temps, but i read my dump file. i found a file error file is hal.dll
  6. hi guys last three days i have been getting the BSOD, with the WHEA_ Uncorrectable_Error i cannot figure out what is causing this. nothing has changed on my PC. specs. win 10 x64bit 1909 z97 pro gamer MOBO 4790k @ 4.7ghz on water cooled. GTX1070 SC2 3 SSD
  7. hello, I hope everyone is doing well in these hard time. i need some help with my surface headphones. this issues is same on my surface book 2 and my gamer pc. they connect fines, but i cannot use mic. see images. On windows Mic tab when i drop down to select them, there is a AG Audio in the end of the name of the headset. and the mic does not work. I do have a Oculus rift on my PC and when I select it for mic output there is no AG Audio on the end of the device name. how can I fix this?
  8. I am having a issue with this update,. I fallow the steps via windows update, DL the update, shows install. ask me to reboot pc. after reboot its start the update install pc reboot several times. On the last time, I get a message saying" Restoring windows to previous version". Then it takes me back to windows, and i get a message update could not be installed.In windows update-control panel it shows update waiting for reboot. i click on it and does same thing. after install it restore to previous version. what is going on?I have disable windows firewall for time being. specsZ97 Pro gamer MB 4790k @4.7 DDR3 2400 RAM Win10 x64 M.2 and SSD.
  9. so i got stable at 1.30v stable runing all day so far, playing all my games and various benchmarks. never reached above 61deg c max on 100% load. intel says not to go abouve 1.3v on the 4th gen chip -> Core i7th Generation 14 nanometer ... 1.400 Vcore6th Generation 14 nanometer ... 1.400 Vcore5th Generation 14 nanometer ... 1.400 Vcore4th Generation 22 nanometer ... 1.300 Vcore3rd Generation 22 nanometer ... 1.300 Vcore2nd Generation 32 nanometer ... 1.350 VcorePrevious (1st) Generation 45 nanometer ... 1.400 Vcore
  10. so with a OC of 4.6 on cinabench i got 955. but with the 4.7 i got 923? i also run realbench, and pass as well. lately i been using the intel extreme tuning
  11. so i thought i was getting stale at 4.7 @ 1.247v but as soon as I run the Intel Extreme tuning Utility and run benchmark i got BSOD. now i up voltage to 1.3v for x47 mult, and walla stable benchmark. here are temp for stable 4.7. to to 4.8 should I up to 1.350v?
  12. hello, I am having a hard time OC my 4790k more then 4.7 stable here are pix for all my info, i have tried to disable XMP and run 48x at 1.270v and i get a automatic reboot. go in bios and reset. Intel says for 100 hertz to increase voltage by .040v-.050v so i went from 1.247 to 1.280v and nothing. then i tried with XMP on profile 1, and same thing. running PSU Antec 1000w, H80i V2 cooler, TESTRESULTS.TXT
  13. will try, she is working on it at moment so i will have to try this in about an hour or so, on another forum. they said it has to do with malware. " I would very much worry you have some kind of disk encrypting malware/ransomware firing up. Barring that, the HD could be failing, but I'd do a malware scan first. Just theories, don't panic just yet, but investigate for sure. "
  14. nope one drive disabled no change