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  1. i was creating a 2d design of a butterfly which i will later export to laser cutting machine to cut butterfly on acrylic sheet i could not figure out which software should i use to 2d design of butterfly
  2. Abdul Samad

    no 64 bit option in virtual box

    now i am downloading the 32 bit version and will try it again
  3. i was trying to install window xp in wirtual box but there is no option for 64 bit in it i have already enabled the virtual support option in bios and disabled the hyper v in window features i have also tried reinstalling the software but no luck
  4. Abdul Samad

    NFS 2 SE in window 10

    i have also tried this https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Need_for_Speed_II but it runs glitch by this method
  5. Abdul Samad

    NFS 2 SE in window 10

    i was just wondering if we could old title games in window 10 specially my favorite one NFS2SE is there any way of playing it in window 10 other than installing it in virtual box
  6. Abdul Samad

    Google look

    hey what the hell has happened to google search engine it looks like classical do anyone of you know how to change the settings of Google
  7. Abdul Samad

    PC Racing Lan Games

    can i have a list of some pc racing games that could run on LAN
  8. Abdul Samad

    Window XP BSOD

    i cant acctually see its like window starts loading suddenly there is bsod for less than a second and than pc restarts
  9. Abdul Samad

    Window XP BSOD

    hi everyone today i was trying to run my old hdd that had window xp on it on my core 2 dou which currently runs window 10 but its not working as window xp start loading it shows the blue screen of death why its not loading ???
  10. Abdul Samad

    Imax cinemas

    What is Imax i have often see Imax cinema, what's that mean ??
  11. Abdul Samad

    Attributes vs Arguments

    what is the difference between Attributes vs Arguments
  12. Abdul Samad

    Data Transfer

    Does a 1GB of data having many small size files will transfer faster or 1GB of data with single large file
  13. Abdul Samad


    what is uSata and does uSata and msata have same connection i mean are they compatible with sata
  14. Abdul Samad

    Hardware Interface

    can u please check it for me my system is Dell optiplex 360
  15. Abdul Samad

    Hardware Interface

    there only written sata nothing with it