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  1. there is no option for ignoring it and now i have decided to sell it in scrap as i wasn't fixing it for use but for curiosity, thanks anyway
  2. as far as i know system detects fan using rpm pin because it is only the input to system all the other pins are outputs(pwm,power,ground) problem in any of these is not related with detection of cpu fan
  3. yeah i was looking for that kind of solution, thats why i came here but i think i am stuck
  4. i fried only the mosfet that was handling power to fan but i didnt fried the rpm pin which determines the fan speed if i remove this pin i always get error but if i have attached this pin i get error 70% of the time and also form the my troubleshooting (i warm up the temperature sensor and cooled it and the fan speed was setting accordingly) even then it promots me with the error of fan not found
  5. i dont want that annoying error when i boot up
  6. i dont need feedback on my story -.- i want reason why this is happening
  7. I had a very old PC, Dell optiplex 960 to be exact. i accidentally short circuit the the fan connector after which fan stopped spinning. I check the power and it was cut off so i started powering the fan using a pin(12v) from power supply connector(sata connector). Now the fan is spinning but the system does not detect it always and gives me annoying error each time i boot up. I have checked the rpm connector coming from the fan using multi-meter and it is working fine. Also the system is setting the speed of fan according to the temperature sensor(i actually tested it by heating it up and cooling it down) which means pwm pin is also working fine. The only problem is, it sometimes gives error of CPU fan not found.
  8. i was creating a 2d design of a butterfly which i will later export to laser cutting machine to cut butterfly on acrylic sheet i could not figure out which software should i use to 2d design of butterfly
  9. now i am downloading the 32 bit version and will try it again
  10. i was trying to install window xp in wirtual box but there is no option for 64 bit in it i have already enabled the virtual support option in bios and disabled the hyper v in window features i have also tried reinstalling the software but no luck
  11. i have also tried this https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Need_for_Speed_II but it runs glitch by this method
  12. i was just wondering if we could old title games in window 10 specially my favorite one NFS2SE is there any way of playing it in window 10 other than installing it in virtual box
  13. hey what the hell has happened to google search engine it looks like classical do anyone of you know how to change the settings of Google
  14. can i have a list of some pc racing games that could run on LAN
  15. i cant acctually see its like window starts loading suddenly there is bsod for less than a second and than pc restarts