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  1. for that sort of high end gpu definitely don’t skimp on cpu power. I’d probably recommend waiting for the b550 boards If it’s and you’re after since this is your first build as it’ll give you some headroom in the future, it’ll also allow the price of 3300x to settle down by then. I’d maybe recommend stepping up to a more mid range cpu but I’m not too familiar with their performance, definitely check out some videos or blogs about it.
  2. Hey there, I’ve just decided to upgrade from an old i5 4460 With 8gb ram to an AMD 3300x 16gb, any ideas about how much performance increase will be? Thanks so much! (for reference I have a 6gb gtx 1060 graphics card if this helps, this won’t be upgraded)
  3. Really like the look of Logitech G mice. Would you recommend the g303?
  4. Hi, I currently own an Intel 4460 and am using its stock cooler. I was wondering if it is worth me buying a budget water cooler? And if so, which models are best?
  5. Hi, I current have a really basic Logitech mouse and keyboard but would like to upgrade to something better. Any advice?