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  1. Bare with me cringe for pc vets

    What router model do you have?
  2. Basic Vector Graphics?

    Inkscape is a free vector graphics program but it can be tricky to get into. If you upload the image I may be able to vectorize it in Illustrator and send it to you if I have time
  3. What got you into PC's

    while it's not a desktop, I'm using the dual-core i7 in my laptop to cross that off my list
  4. What got you into PC's

    I had always had an interest in computers at a young age, but the height of my knowledged was capped at replacing ram and dreaming about having a desktop with an i7. My brother showed me MKBHD a long time ago. Youtube's recommended feed led me to LTT. That channel and this forum has basically fueled my interest in PCs.
  5. Router Firmware

    Here's how I have them connected.
  6. Router Firmware

    Ok. I'm very new to this so bear with me. So I adjust three settings in kitty (Are these the right settings to change: Serial line=COM4; Speed=115200; Connection type=Serial), click open, turn on the router and spam control+c. If that's the case then I'm not getting anything. I've also tried clicking open right after I turn on the router. btw, when I ping it over ethernet, it replys but also says 'Destination Host Unreachable'. Not sure if that means anything but it is there. Thanks
  7. Router Firmware

    i guess, though I keep trying over and over and I never get it to work. One thing to note is that with the USB-TTL adaptor plugged into the router, the power button is white and some of the ethernet port connection lights are amber.
  8. using a gpu with a pci-e 8x slot?

    What kind of issue?
  9. You're just unlucky, I think. There's always a chance of getting a defective panel. A safer way may be to go to a physical store, check the monitor before you buy it for defects and only then take it home. If that's not possible, then I'd recommend getting it replaced again.
  10. Acer Predator X27 G-Sync Monitor

    yeah, I don't expect AUO to be able to mass produce it without issues (it's already been so behind schedule) or Asus/Acer to have decent QC. It would love it if they exceeded my expectations but that may be wishful thinking. Will have to wait for not-trash reviews to come out and see how many people have issues and have to RMA
  11. Please explain, why hdmi other end of Gpu

    Cases like the NZXT S340 have hdmi ports for VR on the front io. Instead of having to do something like this: you can have it inside the case for neatness
  12. Can't think of anything. I was satisfied with it until I broke it when moving. I'm sure it would have held up for a couple more years.
  13. kk. I've heard great things from both Logitech and Zowie which is why I've kind of limited my search to those two brands. I don't much care about a mouse's aesthetics but i do have to admit that the g403 looks much better.
  14. ok. so g pro or ec2-a. One of the things that is making me lean towards the ec2-a is that the shape seems like it will be more comfortable.
  15. Hello! I am looking at this mouse for playing Overwatch but I unsure if it's something I should get. I've been looking at the Logitech G305, G603, and the Zowie EC2-A, but mostly just the G305 and EC2. I don't really care about the wireless, I've used wired G402 for a while and the cable never bothered me though I have nothing against Logitech wireless too. I also don't care about lighting. I have a fingertip grip. Is there anything else I can share to give a better idea about which mouse I'll have the most luck with? Thanks!