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  1. Sombra

    VA pixel issue?

    Haha, i guess that could do it
  2. Sombra

    Need help purchasing 2k UltraWide Freesync monitor

    Quick Question: What is this monitor for? How will it be used? Fyi there's a lot of bullshit in this subforum, don't believe everything people say especially when its about a monitor they have never seen before. Look at external and credible reviews in addition to people's recommendations. As far as the whole IPS vs VA thing, I find it counterproductive to stereotype them. I'd recommend to look at monitor's individually, paper specs only mean so much and you'll find that even monitors with similar specs can have vastly different irl performance, including stuff like contrast. The Asus and the BenQ both ue the same panel so they are almost identical in performance. The difference mostly comes in appearence and build quality. In this case I'd prefer the Asus.
  3. Sombra

    2k desktop screenshot request

    Keep in mind that you can scale windows ui if it is too small
  4. Sombra

    VA pixel issue?

    Could you upload a picture of the issue? The issue might be caused by improper scaling or simply you being used to 4k. But I can't tell just by your description.
  5. Sombra

    Best Intel SSD

    Hello, I'm looking for the best Intel SSD for under $150ish USD. I am only looking for Intel because I can get one for free. Should I get M.2 or 2.5"? It is going to be a boot ssd for windows and for games and applications. THanks
  6. Sombra

    Best triple monitor setup

    I think those are good picks. The only suggestion I have is that a 240hz monitor instead of the S2417DG may be cool but only if you want to pay for it.
  7. Sombra

    Gsync annoying flickering

    Has the flickering been present ever since you've owned the monitor or has it only started happening recently?
  8. Sombra

    Gsync annoying flickering

    What monitor do you have?
  9. I think he means that the stand aesthetic looks better imo. All 1440p144hz IPS G-Sync monitors use the same panel so they would be identical in color, contrast, ghosting, light bleed..., at least in theory
  10. Sombra

    High end gaming monitor recommendation?

    I prefer the Asus. However, you should buy whichever one is cheaper
  11. Sombra

    High end gaming monitor recommendation?

    Yes, they are 2 years old but there are no newer options. They are the best 1440p 144hz IPS G-Sync monitors right now.
  12. Sombra

    High end gaming monitor recommendation?

    I've heard that the Asus has a better stand. But again, all three are very similar.
  13. Sombra

    High end gaming monitor recommendation?

    There are three monitors that you can get. They are all very similar. You should get whichever one is cheapest, you prefer the look of etc.. The Asus PG279Q, Acer XB271HU, ViewSonic XG2703
  14. Sombra

    High end gaming monitor recommendation?

    Other than the stand and the OSD, they are the identical. Get whichever you think is best.
  15. Sombra

    The 1000 nits monitor list

    The Phillips 436M6VBPAB and Acer BM270