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  1. I really wanted a case with a window even I have to pay just a little more.
  2. H1Z1 KotK, csgo, just some games kinda in the middle, I can play bf1 and all that on Ps4, i might wanna play overwatch on pc as well if that takes much idk.
  3. Then can you update the list for me? To be honest this is all confusing me.
  4. Cool thanks man. So you think this will me good for making videos and gaming?
  5. Sorry to ask but do you think you could just edit the list for me because I'm really new to this and it would be a big help and give me a better idea on things.
  6. Ok then last question for now. All of this would fit nicely in the case and do you think you could tell me some games I could run on high? The games I try to play right now are Rocket League, H1Z1 KotK, CSGO and would like to play bigger games even. This is just what I am worried about the most is not being able to play the games I want on good settings with good frames.
  7. Updated Would like to somehow make this a little cheaper because I am still needing a monitor. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Striker123987/saved/#view=xQZf7P