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  1. Fittings and Amount of Tubing

    Thanks for all the advice my doods. Like I said, I want the tubing to only have vertical and horizontal runs so more than likely I'll end up with angled fittings and such. I guess I'll have to get all the other equipmemt first to find out the tubing length
  2. Fittings and Amount of Tubing

    Definitely going hardline...can't believe I forgot to mention that. Should I ONLY get compression fittings and tube bending or should I go for some other kinds, like 45s 90s and swivels?
  3. So I'm going to start working on my first (and possibly only) custom loop here pretty soon so I'm going for my own idea of gold. My idea is to use 2 EK 360 Slim rads in a Fractal Design S, I've researched it and they WILL fit with fans. As for a pump I'm going with the EK-XRES 140 DDC 3.2 PWM Elite. The rest of my system is as follows: CPU: i7 6850k MoBo: Asus Sabertooth X99 GPU: MSI GTX 1080 Armor OC 2-Way SLI RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G1 So my question to any water cooling veterans is what fittings do I need and how many of each fitting shpuld I get? I will only use water on my CPU and GPUs. I'm going for only vertical and horizontal runes, no angles or curves...or at least minimal.
  4. Record Player Recommendation

    Looks like there's a few different knobs on the base of the needle arm, could you explain to me what those are?
  5. Record Player Recommendation

    Title pretty much explains it all. I'm about to get a set of vinyls for the first time and need something to play them on, looking for good quality but doesn't have to be top of the line. Please list a few options from various price ranges as well as some advice for a decent "bang for buck" ratio.
  6. 120Hz 1080p Laptop

    Even if it doesn't have a 1060, I'm ok with turning the settings down to get those high fps. I already have a desktop and haven't been able to go backsince getting my 1440p 144hz monitor. 1440p isn't worth it when we're talking about a 15.6 or 17.3 inch display.
  7. 120Hz 1080p Laptop

    I only see Sager boasting about high refresh dispays on their 1440p models. Not looking to spend $3k on a laptop right now. Might end up going for the MSI model
  8. 120Hz 1080p Laptop

    I'm looking for reccomendations on a laptop that has preferably a GTX 1060 and 1920x1080 120Hz display. The problem is, most laptop manufacturers don't seem to like to specify the refresh rate on the display, and when they do, it's on the insanely high end models that have a GTX 1080 and 1440p display i.e. Sager.
  9. Good Mic For Reducing Background Noise

    Awesome. You've been a huge help man. Thank you!
  10. Good Mic For Reducing Background Noise

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GRMF4RS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3QDQQZGFBPIAD So I was looking at this for a good budget combo. Although it looks like it forces the mic to point downwards, or is that adjustable?
  11. Good Mic For Reducing Background Noise

    When using the dynamic mic should I have it point directly towards me?
  12. Good Mic For Reducing Background Noise

    I'd rather have to be stupid close to my mic than being kick from groups or muted because people can hear the sound of me blinking.
  13. Good Mic For Reducing Background Noise

    Also I don't think the shure mics would be a good option for me, I'm only looking at mics that connect via USB or 3.55mm if I had decided on the ModMic. I could get an XLR to USB adapter with the shure mics but it costs an extra S100.
  14. Good Mic For Reducing Background Noise

    No big deal man. I appreciate the help, wanted to make sure I was looking in the right direction. And of course I'm getting an arm. What would you recommend for a good shout mount? I'm honestly not shure if I would need one seeing as I'm just using it for chatting over skype/discord/etc. What would be the benefit to having a shock mount?
  15. Good Mic For Reducing Background Noise

    It says in the description that it's a dynamic, literally the first bullet point on Amazon.