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  1. Player Unknown Battlegrounds

    SA servers...
  2. I think energy cost is the greatest variable too consider.
  3. not a heat issue with me, I imagine @Zentex also checked his also.
  4. Having the same problem. No Windows Screen. Just plain simple shutdown. Funny thing is, it all started after installing a gtx 1080. Im certain that my Seasonic X-850 has enough power for it. Sometimes it posts, sometime it didnt. Called 2 computer friends over to help me diagnose. We noticed that the post code was equal to reading from HDD. Figured that the Boot drive was wrong. ok, we found a problem but it wasnt the one causing issues. We theorized that one of my ram sticks died ( i have 2 and 4 possible locations). We would swap them back and forth, trying all the places, and we still got no consistent results. Even though it wasnt a windows error, we decided to disable intel boost. IT BOOTED. we had no idea why. but it worked. Ran aida64, it showed no errors (and excellent temps) . Flawless. We try do restart the computer... It fails. We decide to change the ram config to XMP (we were using very conservative numbers to this point). It boots. Runs well for the day. Im glad i have my computer functioning at all stock speeds. A week later of perfect use, I decide to overclock. Got good CPU and GPU clocks. Just left RAM in XMP. Runs well for 2 weeks. I decide to run Furmark. It shutsdown with no warning. Im running 3DMark stress test ATM, and it's perfect. I feel like this computer really is my new Wife. It runs okay for quite a while, but, from nowhere, it decides to go crazy! I try to understand whats the problem, but it wont give me a simple answer!
  5. LTT 3DMark Thread

    Benchmark: Timespy CPU: 4690k @ 4.8 GPU: 1080 amp extreme GPU Core: 2,915 MHz (more like 2151 in reality) GPU Memory: 1,851 MHz Score: 6 908 http://www.3dmark.com/spy/189815
  6. GTX 970 SLI Not Working

    Also, test them individually: 1)Remove 1 card. 2)Run a benchmark 3)Replace card. 4)Run benchmark. Also have 970's SLI. Never had an issue
  7. Have you checked the ram speed in your bios?