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  1. I'm using virtual box so their VDI disk. I haven't come across any issues with uploading yet so I think I'm ok. I'm not dealing with masses of data like Linus, but i'll have a look thanks.
  2. It's just a drive full of VM logs and Virtual Drives with user backup data, it's not important if the data is overwritten. It's more having a file copy that is accessible if needed. If and when I scale up I might look into more advanced options but for now, having a basic cloud service will do the job thanks!
  3. Ah ok, yes it's an office 365 account which has given me a terabyte of storage. It should be plenty for the 500GB drive I'm wanting to back up.
  4. Do you mean there is an upload limit of 5GB? I have a one drive account with a few terabytes free and was hoping I could use this free space as an offsite backup.
  5. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew some good automated backup software that I could use to back up one of the drives on my windows server to a cloud service. Preferably one that supports OneDrive and is free. Thanks in advance!
  6. Its plugged directly into the first slot on the motherboard. Its a Lenovo sharkbay own brand one i can check the motherboard number when i get back. I am running a basic 2tb hard drive from WD, running windows 10.
  7. Hey, I was downloading something on steam when I found that it was downloading at 70KB/S, so I opened task manager to close whatever was causing it and I found a service called Service host: diagnostic policy service using 100% of my disc or 12mb/s. I restarted and still the same, I have run anti-virus that found nothing and I have gone through most of the diagnostic things in windows with no luck. I then left it in the background for the last few days and still nothing. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  8. Hey, I have attached some photos of the issue. The laptop is under warranty however i need it constantly for the work i am currently doing. I can't afford to have it taken away to be fixed and hoped there would be an easy way to fix it. Its a Lenovo ideapad 510
  9. Hey, i turned on my laptop the other day and the screen had a yellow splodge at the edge of the screen. It seems to move around the edge of the screen. It has been like this for a few weeks and i have tried to calibrate the screen but nothing any help?
  10. Hey, I have a laptop from Lenovo with windows 10 64bit. My WIFI has stopped working for that computer. Every other computer in the house can connect apart from this one. It connects to the network but then states that it doesn't have any Internet connection. I get an error saying that the IP configuration is invalid. I have reinstalled the drivers, restarted the computer and set the 2.4ghz range and the 5ghz range to auto with no difference. Anyone know what i can do?
  11. i have tried an external monitor and nothing once again
  12. Yes I have tried a few times but nothing
  13. Hey my friend was updating his graphics driver for his intel laptop when someone pressed cancel, the screen now wont display anything however the computer is on. I tried plugging it into a screen and nothing. Anyone know what to do?