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  1. point me a phone made by a non profit organisation, or any company not in it to make money and keep its share holders happy.
  2. Morning, im looking for some really quiet decent fans that will handle low voltage without pulsing up and down. I'm using them with 2 AIO radiators, but theyre fans so air cooling seem appropriate. now im currently using a pwm noctua fan and a corsair AF fan. The problem with the noctua is that if it drops below 50% it starts pulsing between 0 and 100% which i believe is a common issue with using a pwm fan with voltage control. so, i need 2 120mm fans that will go as low as 20% on voltage, that are quiet and can push a good amount of air through a radiator at 80-100% without sounding let jet engines then either. Thanks in advance
  3. in that pic youd move the sombrero, change the opacity so you can see the image behind it, use the lasso tool to cut out the bits of the sobmbrero you dont want and delet them
  4. Hi, as the title I'm looking for a low pro cooler for a 6700k in a corsair carbide 240. I believe the limit is 120mm and I'm currently looking at a noctua nh-l12, ideally I don't want something that sounds like a jet engine either! thanks
  5. this is from their product page "· Blended with Non-Toxic Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors for protection of Copper, Brass, Steel, Nickel and Aluminium Proven to ASTM D3306 and BS6580 standards"
  6. yeah whenever i turn it on all i can see and hear is bubbles flowing out of the radiator to gpu and the top hose filling
  7. no i mean once ive popped the cap and let the pressure out then put the cap back on i can squeeze the hoses with no resistance. thne the following day when its been off overnight the hoses will be solid by morning. never cleaned the parts they were all brand new but its on a fresh lot of coolant after being drained and changed heres the current loop. the pump/res is just flat agains that back wall of the case upright (outlet on the left going to rad, inlet on the right coming from cpu)
  8. i should add, the hoses are not swelling like balloons, but you can see a slight difference if you look closely and when i pinch them theyre solid rather than being able to pinch them flat with no resistance once ive released the pressure by taking the cap off using the following pump
  9. sorry for late responses, its ek duraclear hosing and seems good quality. the increased pressure seems to build up when the full system system is off. its so strange, like now my system has been off overnight the highest hose in my system which is between cpu and pump is visibly empty of coolant, and if i pop my reservoir cap off it will overflow due to the pressure ( it was topped right to the top when i last bled and ran the system.
  10. theres no way theres a leak anywhere, you can see the hoses physically swelling and the amount of pressure that builds up in the reservoir makes a hell of a pop when i unscrew it. ive topped it right to the very top even though there wasnt much air in there at all.
  11. the air in the top of the reservoir is moving to the radiator, but the hoses are visibly swelling when the system is powered down, so when i take the cap off the coolant level in the reservoir rises again
  12. Hi guys hopefully you can help, im using the EK A240G kit with a pump/res combo and single 240mm rad. it currently goes pump/res - rad - gpu - cpu - pump res. I cant seem to get it to bleed properly, i have to bleed the air every time i turn my system on. ill move it all over and get the air out and itll be fine for hours but then when i turn it off overnight the system will build up air pressure which you can feel in the hoses so i have to pop the cap and then ill have to clear loads of air from the radiator again. ive tried flipping the radiator and moving the pump so the in/outlet of the pump is physcially higher than the radiator in/out and also putthe radiator before and after the pump within the loop but im still having the same problems so it doesnt seem related to configuration?