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  1. I tried a new one and works in my laptop
  2. Hello guys. My keyboard isnt working, not even during the post. I repaired every usb controller driver. My mouse and a USB stick works fine. I have tried the usb ports from the front and the back of the PC. When windows is trying to install the KB drivers, it slows a lot. The install finish, but the KB wont work. I also cleared CMOS and nothing. I cant boot in safe mode because no KB
  3. Hi, i would like to know if my EVGA 600W PSU (3 months of use with an R9 280) could handle an R9 390 GPU. I have an AMD FX 6300 with no overclock, no accesory fans and just a 1Tb HDD. And also if you recomend a gtx 970 over the R9 390. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  4. Thanks a lot for your answers, im going for the 500B evga then.
  5. But why would 500 watts be enough for a graphics card with a 700watts requierment?? In any way i mean to be disrespectful with your answer, i just dont quite understand this topic
  6. My setup is FX 6300, 8gb of ram (1600MHz), 1tb HDD and a R9 280 gigabyte windforce. I want to know which of this PSU's is the best for this rig. If you could tell me how to plug the PSU to the card, i would be very thankful. The card has an 8pin and a 6pin conector, and i dont know if i have to occupy the 2 connectors. I already have the components and this PSU's are the only ones I can buy in mi situation. Thanks in advance for all the advices and recomendations
  7. Are you sure an EVGA 500w Bronze 80+ wont do the trick?? I only have an FX 6300 and the HDD.
  8. Nope, just EVGA, and coolermaster, but out of my budget
  9. I have like 55 bucks (1100 mexican currency) the 800watts is 41$ and the EVGA costs 50$.
  10. Someone help me. My PSU (generic brand) just fried when i loaded a new "r9 280 windforce" graphics card with about 2 hours of full use. I think the motherboard is fine and the rest too. Im planning to buy a new PSU, but what would you recommend?, a pixxo monster 800watts or an "EVGA white 600w 80 plus"?.