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  1. Update: I got this product a bit ago, so RMA'ing is way out of the question... I went ahead and got a new unit. In the mean time, I installed CAM but only the lighting effects are avail. None of the pump settings or fan settings seem to be detectable. Thanks for everyone's help on this one
  2. I think its just the cooler in this case and making sure I wasn't missing something... I was testing this against an air cooled (old intel basic one) i7-6700K and it didn't get to 100°C. Thanks for the help guys... Do you have any recommendations for a 120mm rad AIO Water Cooler?
  3. Okay so reapplied the paste... Aaaand it seems a little better but no. Pics of temps and mounting. I have no ideas. Edit: Also, I didn't feel the radiator itself, but the airflow coming out of it was very cool. #stillNoIdeas
  4. Side panel is off. I tried some settings in the bios. Full fan speed. 60°C
  5. Tubes are at the bottom of the rad, loop down to the cpu. Think of it as a backwards nike symbol.
  6. I would say even? The case is an h400 and the radiator exhausts out the back.
  7. I do the Pea Size method. I attached pics of the paste. Looks even. I don’t think I can tell how hot the radiator is unless you guys might know.
  8. I have a i5-9600K Stock and Kraken M22 and the temps are: idle 55°C+ prime95 100°C+ Now I’m sure thats not right... it does turbo to well over 4Ghz while running tho. Any thoughts?
  9. I updated it... Hopefully, it helps get the question across.
  10. The short of it, I need a better mouse for gaming. One that either will last longer or a fix to help with one I already have. Need good information on Switches and if I can swap the current ones out of my ROCCAT for something more durable. OR New Mouse Optical Wired Only Height = 3.9cm to 4.2cm Switches don't fail after a year of use Current Favorite: ROCCAT KONE AIMO (Good Mouse, but main trigger dies after a year of use) // Notes I play FPS 99.999% of the time. I tried looking in the Small-Medium-Large vs Palm-Claw-FTIP. I'm pretty sure I'm and Small to Medium Claw based on what I've read, but applying that knowledge to mice is challenging since I can't look at them physically or try them out. Notes on the ROCCAT KONE AIMO: It has been a perfect fit for my hands, but the ROCCATS keeps dying after 1 year of use (I think the switches just keep dying). The mouse before that was the ROCCAT KONE and that lasted 6ish months and died for the same reason. I did like the old Logitech's, but their mice are jumbo sized. I tried the Corsair Glaive RGB but that turned out to hurt my hand (why is there a huge hump in the middle of the mouse), plus the thumb cutout was stupidly designed. Comfort for me might be the height. The ROCCATs are 4cm +/-0.2cm and I'm not sure what the going rate on Gaming Mice, but yeah... Would something that would last at least 2 years at a time. Thanks in advance! PS; I already know optical is better.
  11. I like how they ask us to come help, but no data in the forum >.< Apps and settings that were loaded to the phones?
  12. Why can't you guys buy a 5K Panel from the 27" Basic model? iFixit listed the Part Number in their guide: LM270QQ1 if you Google -er Amazon it. You get this part: https://www.amazon.com/Apple-A1419-LM270QQ1-SDB1-Screen-Display/dp/B01LVU2CEA Note: This is iFixit saying that the models look similar, but since I don't have both the broken screen and the new screen in front of me its hard to tell... Maybe you guys can check the screens via pictures from the iFixit Teardown and Amazon to see if the connectors and such are the same. Note: Also, see if you can get the part number from your broken screen and contact LG.
  13. undrac86

    Windows 9

    While this guide was more about the look of Windows 7, I have my own tools to strip and optimize Windows 10.
  14. Timestamp : https://youtu.be/1Yp-sh3KuyY?t=31m32s Why do you guys have so many issues with Windows 10? I've had mine installed since release and had no issues gaming, streaming, anything really... does everyone have issues? I have 5 computers setup for Gaming, Storage and Hyper-V and no issues. (Not trying to be a fanboy, just wanting to know as any of my customers that I help build PCs have yet to complain).
  15. So, people would probably be using VMWare Player (Download) or Hyper-V (Windows 8/10). unRaid sounds very robust and refined, but I was hoping to see performance comparison to the alternatives as well.