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  1. Thanks Kilrah i have a spare GPU from my previous setup and since unraid has a trial version i can just try it out.
  2. thanks for the answer. do you know also know if unraid supports having multiple GPU's on one VM?
  3. With the new hardware coming out these days I am thinking of upgrading my rig soon. However I am kind of stuck with what would be the best OS setup up for me. I am an engineer as well as a data scientist and have programs that only run on windows. However Linux is just so much better for the data science stuff. Both programs use the GPU extensively. I have used a dual boot before but found the constant switch to be annoying especially when training a model and just not having the programs on the other OS available. What first came to my mind was WSL2 and their new update that lets you use the GPU within WSL. However the performance leaves a lot to be desired. SR-IOV seemed perfect for what I had in mind but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Using UnRAID like in the x gamers 1 CPU seems possible but I don’t know how easy it is switching gpu’s between VM’s (I do have an extra one from my old system). Any input is welcome. (if anyone also has a good way of switching between their main pc and their work laptop without having to switch a ton of cables around at the end of the day that would also be very helpfull)