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  1. Thank you for the comment regarding the cables, those were the only ones i had available at the time, so i went with that. but i plan on using black extensions from now on
  2. The Design is called hyper beast. As for the backplate itself you can buy it at Hyper Beast Gpu Backplate
  3. This is my personal rig, so i wanted something cool but also didn't require a lot of work to put together. I chose the Corsair Crystal 570x and decided to add some RGB to it ? After putting everything together, there were a couple of things i didn't like: - I didn't like the fact that the Tinted Glass Panels made everything look grey instead of white. - The Psu shroud didn't have a cover at the edge so the psu wires could be seen. - The Stock fan brackets had some ugly cut-outs and didn't really look very good with rgb fans. - The "dark side" was showing. This one was really bad - I could only mount 2 fans at the top, which looked weird. So I decided to add some custom made parts we've been making, to make my build look better. Here's what i added to the build: Fullsize Psu Shroud: Fan Brackets (top and front). The Front Bracket lowers the fans by 10mm, which lets you install a 360mm radiator at the front and still be able to install 3x 120mm fans at the top, with our custom brackets. Motherboard tray Cover: Clear Panels for Front, Top and window side, and a matt white for the backside to hide the cables: Now the case looks white as it should ? Gpu Backplate: Finished looks: And that's it for now Let me know what you think of it.
  4. You can check coldzero.eu Asus GTX 1070 Dual Backplates
  5. yup. I think the only true problem would be to remove some of those "warranty void if removed" stickers.
  6. yes backplates are usually specific to brand/model, so you would need to get one specific for your card. which card have you got, btw?
  7. you can always get one of these: http://www.coldzero.eu/446-vga-supports
  8. Yes it is a reliable site and we work with paypal, so you're completely.
  9. you can get one from here: http://www.coldzero.eu/495-asus-gtx-1060-dual
  10. Hi, you can use this... http://www.coldzero.eu/msi-gtx-950-gaming/2164-msi-gtx-950-gaming-1.html
  11. those are not ready yet. will be this week. the R9 280 also need images. i'm aware of that... about the advertising... maybe i should have asked before (i guess)
  12. Hi Everyone, i have a small store, and for the past 4 years i've been making case parts and backplates, for both vga as well as sound cards. Last year I bought a uv printer to bring the quality of my stuff up a notch. Because of that, we're now making more stuff, like sli bridge covers, ssd and hdd covers, M.2 Covers and case badges too, all printed in color in very high quality. Our backplates are made of 3mm matt black plexi (can also be done in other colors) and are printed directly on the plexi. Our store link is www.coldzero.eu We also have a discount voucher in effect right now. use " forumdiscount " to get 10% discount on your orders. Vga Backplate / Gpu Backplate Sound Card Backplate Custom SSD Covers