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  1. Does anyone know how to fix WebRTC Reflexive Connectivity, or is it even needed? I'm using a program called wirecast rendezvous to bring multiple camaras from different location into a single stream, but we are having problems with connectivity.
  2. Where to start. Well, I have never built a custom computer before. I have taken all kinds of computers apart ranging from old hp desktops to my macbook pro (cause i droped a katana on it and broke the hard drive). Still to start from skratch is something i have never done. I want to create a gaming desktop to play games, record, and upload videos. My price range is going to be around 2000 for this project but i dont mind saving for a few more months for more money if need be. Right now i'm using a razor blade pro. Unfortunatly, with the keyboard, mouse, and eternal hard drive all the usb ports are completely used. I'm using an elgato hd60 to capture my gameplay on a cheap dell i bought at walmart (I know that was a stupid decision). Im also using my macbook pro to record audio since the dell causes a lot of static in the audio. Anyways, the desktop i want to create will hopefully be able to do all the things that i have three computers doing. Some things i want to make sure it has is enough processing power to use adobe premiere cc and encoder as fast as posible. Also i plan in the future to add the elgato hd pro directly into the motherboard. Three monitors would be nice but i will probably start with only one to save money at the start. Also a raid 0 would be great for recording the hd videos. Oh, also want to be able to stream in the future.