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  1. So my friend is building a small recording studio type thing and wants to build his own pc for it too? His budget is about £400-£550 (not inc. Windows nor a GPU as it's not for gaming). Can any recommend specs for a really quiet PC than has a good amount of storage for big projects and can handle intensive tasks? ?
  2. So this seems like a pretty decent build too, especially since kinguin windows is fairly cheap so I'd only be a tiny bit over budget. I think I'd cut back on the CPU (Ryzen 5 1400) and ram (8GB of DDR4-3000, feel like 16GB is overkill atm, maybe for an upgrade along the road), and buy a decent cooler for the CPU too, as well as maybe a nicer looking case?
  3. So there's a lot in this system that has what I don't need or doesn't have what I need. So the Ram is kinda overkill already, seeing as for $60 cheaper I can get 8GB instead and see how that copes, then decide if I'd want another 8GB. Jumping straight to 16GB seems a little silly to me. As for storage I need a lot of space which is why in my op I said I favour that over speed, which is why a decent 3TB HDD is ideal, that also saves another $60. Then the power supply is way overkill too, considering this is only a (not cheap but not high-end) budget build, I can get the CXM450W for another $40 cheaper. So that $160 that are saved by cutting back could be put towards something else in the system (for my personal needs anyway) such as a decent cooler, some good fans, a nicer looking case, etc. The biggest problem is that this system would cost just under £1000 here, which is £250 over my budget for something that still doesn't include Windows. Because of Brexit the pound's value has declined and prices do vary greatly between countries for components now. Plus we don't have the same stores as you to buy from so the deals and price cuts and such aren't the same. So that case you chose costs an extra $70 over here although the CPU is $3 cheaper.
  4. Perfect, you've been such a huge help, the both of you! Thank you so much
  5. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/BlackMesa24/saved/YyPsJx Perfect, so would this kind of be the best it can get for this price then? Pretty much £750 exactly, the list doesn't give the price of the cooler though (£25 on CCL) and Windows 10 for like another £25-30 on Kinguin
  6. Nah he's right it only has 2 I guess for the extra £20 I can guarantee myself room to add more Ram along the line and not have to worry about getting completely different modules altogether?
  7. What do you think TSL & Shiv78? From the stuff I've been looking, advice from you guys and articles and reviews this seems like a pretty decent system https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/dmzPCy
  8. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/Gqp323/cryorig-cpu-cooler-m9a This the same as the M9i just with a different title name? Because if so I could get the WIndows key from Kinguin and be bang on budget at £750
  9. What about a compromise? Maybe a single 8GB stick and a Hyper 212? Are they compatible with the AM4 socket?
  10. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/Npnp6X How about this? I kind of mashed together the 2 lists I was given? The PC I have now uses that Thermaltake case and I really don't like it, the cable management's horrible and the airflow isn't that great either. I've also seen the Kinguin Windows keys are pretty genuine (I know Paul'sHardware did a vid practically promoting it ) so for like an extra £30 I'm only marginally over budget which is do-able
  11. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but the PC is an orange and Infinity Fabric is John Cena's fist squeezing out the remaining juice from the orange?
  12. Mind if I ask about this? Like I said, I'm quite out of the loop with computer components, maybe articles or a quick explanation?
  13. What would be a good comparison for the 1050 to the 900 series? Or the previous generation AMD cards for that matter too?
  14. So the extra money is well worth it then?